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About Ampere Computing LLC

Ampere Computing LLC is a semiconductor company that develops ARM-based computer processors for servers. It was founded by Renee James, a semiconductor industry veteran who is the current company chairman and CEO. Ampere has been headquartered in Santa Clara, California, since its founding year in 2018 and has been reaching out to different markets through its authorized distributors. 

Renee assembled a world-class cloud computing technology, and together with her incredible engineering team, they invented a custom solution for its providers. A cloud computing technology allows users to access different files, storage, software, and servers through any device with an internet connection. This invention has been present for years yet continues to prosper due to its ease and convenience, replacing flash drives.  

The server market is undeniably growing as it attracts many workloads supporting artificial intelligence, data storage, and rich content to start using Ampere’s computing core processor. The company made the industry’s first 64-bit Arm server microprocessor that delivers a one-of-a-kind performance, security, scalability, and power efficiency. This invention is named Ampere’s Altra® family of cloud-native server processors consisting of single-threaded combination cores, nonblocking fabric, large dedicated L1 and L2 caches.

The company is always providing the best for its market by focusing on the future and not on the past; hence it is bringing new standards to the industry of cloud computing technology. Ampere’s thriving and diverse Arm software ecosystem and strong relationship with its authorized distributors provide custom computing core processors. With a superior design methodology and an experienced technical team, the company promises to continue innovating cloud computing technology. 
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