Amphenol Anytek

Amphenol Anytek, a member company of Amphenol Groups, manufactures high-tech terminal blocks and offers reliable electrical solutions for customers globally. As leading experts in the terminal blocks industry, Anytek has devised technologies that help their customers save costs and improve investments.

The company was established in Shenzhen, China, more than 20 years ago. Amphenol Anytek shares a commitment to uphold the concept of sustainable management, quality requirements, and continuous improvements. 

In addition, the manufacturer designed an R & D testing laboratory to keep setting industry quality standards. The UL WTDP certified lab was designed to monitor product dimensions, check the mechanical, electrical, and environmental properties, and ensure the best quality of finished products.

Anytek Products and Technologies

This company manufactures a wide range of products. These product lines are terminal blocks, automotive fuses, circuit breakers, headers, and wire housings. The company is widely known for its Anytek terminal blocks and Anytek connectors.

Anytek Products

Product Category Featured Products Example Applications
PCB Terminal Blocks TE-Solid block Wire protection system
Electronic Housing AN-12.5 Fixing of Amphenol PCB
DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Screw terminal blocks Vibration resistance


Amphenol Anytek Product Applications

Amphenol Anytek products are used in various industries. For instance, Amphenol PCB terminal blocks achieve wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connections. At the same time, electronic housings are used to maintain wiring and detection with mating pluggable terminal blocks.

Besides these applications, Anytek products are used in the following applications:

  • Industrial Control
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Lighting Industry
  • Wind Power Industry
  • Rail Transit
  • Elevator Equipment
  • Communication Systems

Amphenol Anytek Distributors

Amphenol Anytek products are available globally. Their authorized distributors are responsible for reaching their customers and supplying their needs—official distributors, like BD Electronics, market Amphenol cables, Anytek terminal blocks, and connectors worldwide.

Need a customized solution for industry applications? You may contact us today to know more about Amphenol Anytek and how they can help.

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