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About Amphenol SGX Sensortech

SGX Sensortech is a UK-based gas sensor and detector manufacturer for industrial and commercial applications. The company was founded in 2010 and has since become a leading supplier of gas sensing solutions worldwide. SGX Sensortech products include electrochemical, infrared, and semiconductor gas sensors and gas detection systems for various gasses, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, and propane.

SGX Sensortech products emphasize environmental, health, and safety air quality applications, catering to sectors such as automotive, industrial OEMs, utilities, and scientific research institutions. Moreover, SGX Sensortech electronic components are designed to be highly accurate and reliable, with low power consumption and long lifetimes. They also offer custom sensor solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

As part of the Advanced Sensors Division and an Amphenol company, SGX Sensortech operates manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia, enabling the production of several million sensors annually. In addition to their gas sensing products, SGX Sensortech provides technical support and consulting services to help customers choose suitable sensor solutions for their applications. 

You can buy SGX Sensortech electronic components through BD Electronics, a global distributor that ensures quick and efficient access to these innovative sensor solutions.


SGX Sensortech Products and Technologies

SGX Sensortech Products and Technologies

SGX Sensortech provides an extensive assortment of products encompassing sensors and sensing systems. These SGX Sensortech electronic components are meticulously designed to fulfill specific sensing requirements across various applications. Here are the main categories of SGX Sensortech products:


SGX Sensortech Industrial Safety Products

SGX Sensortech Industrial Safety Products

SGX Sensortech is a leading provider of advanced gas and air quality sensors, offering innovative and reliable industrial safety solutions. With a diverse product lineup, including infrared, electrochemical, and metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors, SGX Sensortech products are known for their high accuracy, exceptional reliability, and easy integration into existing systems. 

BD Electronics is your trusted source for SGX Sensortech electronic components, providing a wide selection, expert guidance, and competitive pricing on these cutting-edge sensor technologies. SGX Sensortech products under the industrial safety category include 

  • Integrated Infra-red Sensors
  • Infra-red Sensors
  • Dual Gas Infra-Red Sensors
  • Infrared Gas Sensors for Hazardous Areas
  • MEMS Pellistor
  • Catalytic Sensors – Pellistors
  • Thermal Conductivity Sensors
  • TC-1326 MEMS – Thermal Conductivity Sensor Elements
  • Catalytic Gas Sensors for Hazardous Areas
  • Metal Oxide Sensors
  • Electrochemical Sensors
  • Evaluation Kits


SGX Sensortech Automotive Air Quality Sensor

SGX Sensortech Automotive Air Quality Sensor

SGX Sensortech products are at the forefront of automotive air quality monitoring, offering innovative and reliable sensor solutions to optimize in-cabin air quality and enhance passenger safety. These state-of-the-art SGX Sensortech products include gas and particulate matter sensors that accurately detect harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Critical features of these SGX products are their high precision, robust performance, and seamless integration into modern vehicle systems. 

You can buy SGX Sensortech electronic components via BD Electronics. We ensure customers receive genuine products, expert advice, and competitive pricing to enhance their automotive safety systems.


SGX Sensortech Indoor Air Quality Sensors

SGX Sensortech Indoor Air Quality Sensors

SGX Sensortech is a pioneer in indoor air quality sensors, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance sensors designed to detect and measure various pollutants and environmental factors affecting our air. These SGX Sensortech products include advanced sensors for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), and particulate matter, ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Key attributes of these SGX Sensortech products are their exceptional accuracy, reliable performance, and ease of integration into building management systems. 

BD Electronics, a distributor of SGX Sensortech electronic components, provides customers with a broad selection of indoor air quality sensors to support creating and maintaining healthier indoor spaces.


SGX Sensortech Battery Leakage Detection Solutions

SGX Sensortech Battery Leakage Detection Solutions

SGX Sensortech battery leakage detection solutions are designed to provide early warning and protection against hazardous conditions in various applications, including electric vehicles and energy storage systems. These SGX Sensortech products can detect and monitor electrolyte leakage, ensuring prompt action and minimizing potential risks. In addition, these battery leakage sensors deliver exceptional performance, offering high sensitivity, rapid response times, and long operational life, making them valuable to any battery management system. 

As a trusted distributor of SGX Sensortech electronic components, BD Electronics offers a wide range of battery leakage detection solutions, backed by expert guidance and competitive pricing, to help customers safeguard their battery systems and maintain optimal performance. Two of the main SGX Sensortech products under this category are:

  • BLD1 – Battery Leakage Detection Sensor (H2)
  • BLD2 – Battery Leakage Detection Sensor (H2+CO)


Amphenol SGX Sensortech Product Applications

SGX Sensortech Product Applications

SGX Sensortech products offer various applications across various industries, offering innovative and reliable sensing solutions. By incorporating SGX Sensortech electronic components, businesses can ensure optimal performance and safety standards in their respective sectors.

  1. Automotive Industry: SGX Sensortech products are crucial in monitoring air quality, emissions, and cabin environments, enabling manufacturers to design cleaner and more efficient vehicles.
  2. Industrial OEMs: SGX Sensortech electronic components are utilized in process control, safety monitoring, and automation systems, ensuring that industrial operations run smoothly and safely.
  3. Utilities: In the utility sector, SGX Sensortech products contribute to the monitoring of air quality, gas leaks, and emission levels, enabling companies to maintain regulatory compliance and protect the environment.
  4. Scientific Research Institutions: SGX Sensortech electronic components aid researchers in conducting precise measurements and analysis in various fields, including environmental studies, material science, and medical research.
  5. Environmental Monitoring: SGX Sensortech products enable the development of advanced air quality monitoring systems that help organizations track and manage pollution levels, promoting public health and environmental conservation.

To enhance your industry-specific applications, buy SGX Sensortech electronic components from BD Electronics, ensuring access to high-quality, reliable sensor solutions tailored to your needs.


We Are Distributor of SGX Sensortech Products

Find the complete range of SGX Sensortech products, even the hard-to-find ones, by choosing BD Electronics as your go-to distributor. As a global provider, BD Electronics offers a wide selection of SGX Sensortech electronic components to meet your specific industry needs. 

BD Electronics specializes in procuring even hard-to-find SGX Sensortech products worldwide as a distributor of obsolete electronic components. You can send your part requirements for SGX Sensortech electronic components sourcing, and we will let you set the target price.


FAQs About Amphenol SGX Sensortech

Q1: What are the categories for Amphenol SGX Sensortech products?

A: Amphenol SGX Sensortech products include high-performance, innovative sensor and detector devices for applications in automotive and industrial OEMs, utilities, and scientific research institutions.

Q2: Where to order Amphenol SGX Sensortech Products online?

A: You can buy SGX Sensortech electronic components series in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Send your part requirements and the required quantity, and our team will take it from there.

Q4: How do I find alternative electronic components?

A: BD Electronics supplies even hard-to-find or obsolete SGX Sensortech product alternatives in different categories. You can check our product category page for alternative electronic details.

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