AMS company is one of the best sensor solutions providers. Their next-level sensor designs provide a seamless interface for users of high-tech products. The group is an industry leader and pioneer in light sensing and processing.

With the recent acquisition of OSRAM, ams has intensified its effort toward delivering innovative optical technologies. The ams OSRAM acquisition also helped the group leverage the existing tech, IP, and scale of Osram to develop the AV, digital automotive lighting, and next-gen imaging technologies.

In addition, ams-OSRAM has more than a century of engineering expertise in manufacturing global and light technologies. Based in Munich, Germany, the ams-OSRAM group is committed to continuously advancing global sensing, visualization, and illumination technologies.  

ams Products and Technologies

ams-OSRAM is a leader in the manufacture of sensor products. Their products focus on providing solutions for everyday tech applications. These products range from 3D sensing solutions, remote sensing technology, and even the industry’s best high-performance integrated module optical sensor solutions.

ams-OSRAM Products

Product Category Featured Products Example Applications
3D-Sensors BELICE Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminator for 3D Stereoscopic Imaging
Audio AS3418 Enhanced ultra-small ANC speaker driver
Capacitive Sensors AS8579 Accurate capacitive presence sensing
CMOS Imaging Sensors CSG14K Image sensor enabling quality control in factory automation
Light Sensors AS7341 11-channel spectrometer for spectral identification

ams OSRAM Product Applications

ams OSRAM technologies can be used in several industrial markets and applications. Some of these include:

  • 3D sensing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Smart Health Sensing
  • Mobile and Wearables
  • Computing solutions

Distributors of ams OSRAM Products

ams-OSRAM products are distributed worldwide by authorized distributors like BD Electronics. Their spectral sensors, as7341-dlgt series, LiDAR, and other high-performance sensors can be purchased through their distributors globally.


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