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About AnDAPT

AnDAPT is transforming the power management market through its Software Defined Power Solution that offers unparalleled programmability. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AnDAPT Holdings Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded to design and manufacture on-demand power management solutions and create customized PMIC in just a few minutes.  

The product that AnDAPT offers include its Adaptive Multi-Rail Power (AmP™) platform IC family, WebAmP cloud-based software tools, and proven AmP Power Components. Users would select and integrate power components on the AmP Platform, targeting enterprise applications, data centers, networking, and telecom. In addition, traditional expensive catalog parts can already replace different kinds of software-based power components. 

AnDAPT uses its pioneered new adaptive analog technology genre, combining digital programmable fabric with µAnalog power building blocks. This enables full functionality of power rails on-demand and combines its proven proficiency with a flexible Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). 

Recognized business partners offer two kinds of this new genre unique technology: Analog and Digital. Their differences are presented in the table below. 

  • Low bias current, high-efficiency
  • Analog switching speeds for fast response
  • Loss-less current sense for current mode, current share
  • Sophisticated Single/Multi-phase POL
  • Integrate dissimilar power components
  • Optimize tune for application requirements
  • Telemetry-monitor/power saver mode

AnDAPT provides fast delivery of power management solutions & products to customers and flexible customization service to keep pace with the ever-changing market demand. Yet, despite these advantages, the company can offer a competitively low product pricing, board real estate reduction, analog/digital function integration, and lower power. This is why globally recognized distributors remain loyal and satisfied with doing business with AnDAPT. 

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