This company manufactures electronic products such as CMS connectors and crimp tools. Astro Tool Corp is proud to have been continuously providing the best quality tools made in the USA for any client trade requirements. 

Its manufacturing facility, located in Portland, Oregon, houses all of the company’s business activities, including conceptualizing, designing, and building. 

Astro’s 5 Core Value Statements

The products are being offered across the globe by Astro Tool Corp distributors. The company’s global network is firmly dedicated to its five core values listed below.


To its commitment, actions and words are the first value—Astro Toolsets has high expectations and goals to challenge everyone that embodies the company in achieving them. 


This is a motivating factor that helps Astro Tool Corp. distributors to deliver and provide the bests service to clients. This value is also applied externally and within the company by dedicating time to assist and give advice to one another. 


Seen in the company and every department helps sustain a healthy work environment. Shared responsibility has been proven effective for the different teams of Astro on top of celebrating the individual accomplishments of an employee. 


This comes with the value of support, promoting a company culture in that Astro Tool Corp distributors, employees, and even clients can freely express their opinion. But, of course, this is with the consideration that standards of ethical conduct are not compromised. 


This is the value reflected in Astro’s products, especially with its crimp tool and cms connectors. In addition, this is also applied in the company’s working environment to allow opportunities for continuous learning and growth. 

Astro Tool Corp Distributors

Astro Tool guarantees that customers will always receive distributors’ best products and services. Industries including Military, Medical, Aerospace, and Telecommunications are just some of the few sectors that Astro can cater to. Additionally, the crimp tool, cms connectors, and other products are widely available to any client regardless of their geographic location. 

You may contact us today to know more about Astro Tool Corp.’s product offers. 

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