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iVANKY of Shenzhen Guangyi Corporation

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About iVANKY of Shenzhen Guangyi Corporation

Authorized iVANKY distributors today are proud to present this remarkable electronic brand that shares the same founding company as RAMPOW, iVANKY’s counterpart for power supplies such as USB-Cs. The founding company is Shenzhen Guangyi Technology Innovation Co. LTD. (VELOCITY) which started operations in 2015. Guangyi focuses on technological hardware innovation and uses its brand to satisfy global market needs. 

In 2021, Guangyi had more than 300 million sales gained through its presence in 80+ countries and approximately 1300W current global service users. 

The corporation’s mission includes “creating easy-to-use products and bringing happiness to everyone.” This goal in mind resulted in iVANKY’s immediate success. Seven of its products won Amazon’s Best Seller, and its HDMI to DisplayPort adapter was ranked in the top three categories of the platform all year-round.  

2020 was when the brand gained a new milestone, an additional advantage for authorized iVANKY distributors. It started producing the very famous docking station today. This particular iVANKY product features an exquisite design and strong performance, which, in no doubt, consumers immediately trusted.

Products Offered by Authorized iVANKY Distributors

Aside from iVANKY’s prominent products are more audio and video cable varieties which are listed below.


  • Audio Adapter
  • Cable
  1. 3.5mm AUX Cable
  2. Braided Optical Cable
  • Adapter
    1. HD GP to VGA Adapter
    2. HD HDMI to VGA Adapter
    3. 4K HDMI Coupler
    4. 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
    5. 4K USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter
    6. HD Mini Adapter to DisplayPort HDMI
    7. 4K USB-C to HDMI Adapter
    8. HD DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
    9. 4K Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
  • Cable
    1. USB 3.2 Gen x2 Type-C Cable-Braided Nylon – 100W
    2. 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable – Braided
    3. 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable
    4. USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C Cable – Braided Nylon – 60W
    5. 8K Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cable
    6. Thunderbolt 4 Cable
    7. Thunderbolt 3 Cable
    8. USB4 Type-C Cable – 100W
    9. 4K Mini DP to DP Cable
    10. HD DisplayPort to VGA Cable Braided
    11. 4K Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 
    12. 4K USB-C Extension
  • Hub
    1. iVANKY Hub-C Hub Pro 7-in-1
    2. iVANKY USB-C Hub Pro 9-in-2
    3. iVANKY USB-C Hub Classic 7-in-1 Ethernet
    4. iVANKY USB-C Hub  Classic 7-in-1
  • Dock
    1. iVANKY Docking Station Pro 12-in-2 Dual UDB-C
    2. iVANKY Docking Station Ultra 15-in-1 Thunderbolt 3
    3. iVANKY Docking Station Classic 12-in-2 Dual USB-C


Authorized iVANKY distributors 

iVANKY has been providing support not only to electronic devices but also to its customers. It has been committed to giving the most stable video & audio cable products by being present wherever a customer may be. 

On top of Amazon’s internationally accessible platform, the company also has authorized iVANKY distributors. These representatives are spread across the globe, allowing full assistance to customers. 

You may check out BD Electronics, an authorized iVANKY distributor for your HDMI to DisplayPort adapter needs and other product inquiries you may have. 


You may contact us today to start experiencing the iVANKY support. 

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