A company known for its quality and innovation, Jiangxi Weiqi Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional hi-tech manufacturer based in China. This company and its distributors are guided by solid values, long-standing partnerships, and offering a comprehensive range of products.

The company sets new standards in smart building, automotive and EV control, industrial control, etc., with their annual production capacity output of 30 million pieces.

Jiangxi Weiqi Electrical Co., Ltd always keeps the spirit “innovation first, keep moving”, working with the same spirit as a distributor, the best fit and exceptional results can be achieved. Therefore, quality and R&D oriented is always its business policy to keep growing and develop the brand.


JIANGXI WEIQI Product Varieties

As a professional manufacturer, WQE offers all sorts of its kind. There are three main varieties available and are detailed as follows:

Electromechanical – The company offers a switch used by electrical machines for controlling high-power electrical devices.

Automotive – A common type of electromechanical relay present in all vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans.

Latching – A two-position electrically-actuated switch to ‘set’ and ‘reset’ the relay.

The latching relay is preferred when there is a need to control large currents with smaller ones.


Product Quality of JIANGXI WEIQI Distributor

Their quality system is ISO9001 certified. All products are compliant with RoHS regulations, and some are UL, TUV & CQC approved. The company strives to be the optimum choice for the worldwide partners with reliable quality, professional technical support, and superior “price vs. cost.”

After decades of hard work, the company now enjoys rapid development through advanced relay design & manufacturing technology and continuous technology innovation.


Authorized JIANGXI WEIQI Distributor


As an authorized JIANGXI WEIQI distributor of in Europe, BD Electronics will continuously cooperate in providing excellent services to our joint partners worldwide.

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