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AVMATRIX has specialized in various high-definition professional video devices since its founding year. The business activities of this electronic company are a complete package from designing to the final marketing of its products. It uses Field Programmable Gate Array or FPGA technology, advanced design concepts, and abundant practical experiences. 

The company is motivated to create unique and professional video devices like the AVMATRIX switchers and multiviewers, which belong to the following product lines: USB Capture Device, Video Switcher, Converter, SDI Distribution Amplifier, Fiber Extender, and Matrix & Multiviewer. These are all made possible with a very dedicated Research and Development team. 

AVMATRIX’s authorized distributors, for example, BD Electronics Ltd, are guaranteed to deliver all of its professional video devices exactly how they are marketed and promised to be. Together with its customers, distributors are also given as much importance as they represent the company. Therefore, a good business relationship will help them embody the values of AVMATRIX and eventually contribute to achieving its business goals. In addition, its authorized distributors usually connect the company to potential customers and keep them loyal to the brand.

AVMATRIX is a renowned brand in the professional audiovisual industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of customers.


AVMATRIX Video Switcher/Mixer

AVMATRIX Video Switche/rMixerThe video switchers and mixers seamlessly switch and mix multiple video sources, delivering professional-level results for live events, broadcasting, and post-production. These AVMATRIX electronic components come in various sizes and configurations, supporting SDI, HDMI, and other popular interfaces, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of video equipment.


AVMATRIX USB Video Capture Device

AVMATRIX USB Video Capture DeviceThe USB video capture devices are designed to convert analog and digital video signals to USB-compatible formats, enabling users to stream, record, or playback video content on their computers. With plug-and-play functionality and support for various resolutions and frame rates, these devices are perfect for content creators, gamers, and professionals needing a reliable video capture solution.



AVMATRIX PTZ CameraPTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras by this manufacturer offer exceptional image quality, smooth movement, and precise control, making them ideal for live streaming, video conferencing, and remote monitoring applications. In addition, these cameras have advanced features such as auto-focus, noise reduction, and high-definition video output to ensure professional-grade results.


AVMATRIX Video Encoder

AVMATRIX Video Encoder

These video encoders efficiently compress and encode video streams for transmission over IP networks, facilitating live streaming and remote monitoring. Supporting popular codecs such as H.264 and H.265, these devices ensure high-quality video delivery while minimizing bandwidth usage.


AVMATRIX Multiviewer

AVMATRIX MultiviewerThe multiviewers enable simultaneous monitoring of multiple video sources on a single display, streamlining video production and surveillance workflows. With customizable layouts, support for various video formats, and real-time processing, these multiviewers offer a comprehensive solution for multi-source monitoring.


AVMATRIX Broadcast Converter

AVMATRIX Broadcast ConverterAVMATRIX broadcast converters provide seamless conversion between various video formats, ensuring compatibility between equipment and standards. Whether you need to convert SDI to HDMI or vice versa, these AVMATRIX electronic components offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for professional video conversion.


AVMATRIX Distribution Amplifier

AVMATRIX Distribution AmplifierThe AVMATRIX distribution amplifiers are designed to split and amplify video signals, enabling reliable transmission over long distances without signal degradation. In addition, these devices support various video formats and interfaces, making them suitable for multiple broadcasting, live events, and post-production applications.


AVMATRIX Fiber Optic Extender

AVMATRIX Fiber Optic ExtenderAVMATRIX fiber optic extenders allow transmitting high-quality video signals over long distances using fiber optic cables. In addition, these extenders support various video formats and interfaces, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for remote video transmission in broadcasting, live events, and security applications.


AVMATRIX Matrix Switcher/Router

AVMATRIX Matrix Switcher/RouterAVMATRIX Matrix Switcher/Router provide flexible and scalable signal routing solutions, allowing users to route multiple video sources to multiple destinations simultaneously. These devices are designed for use in broadcasting, live events, and post-production environments, where efficient signal management is critical.


AVMATRIX Signal Generator

AVMATRIX Signal GeneratorAVMATRIX signal generators are essential for testing, calibrating, and troubleshooting video equipment. These devices generate various test patterns, allowing users to verify the performance and integrity of their video systems and ensure consistent, high-quality results.


We Are Distributor of AVMATRIX Products

Are you seeking a reliable, high-quality range of professional audiovisual products for your business? Look no further than AVMATRIX, a leading brand in the professional AV industry. By partnering with BD Electronics Ltd as an authorized distributor, you can provide your customers with cutting-edge solutions that cater to various industries, including live events, broadcasting, post-production, video conferencing, and surveillance.

With AVMATRIX’s comprehensive product line, your customers will benefit from seamless integration and compatibility across various video formats and interfaces, such as SDI, HDMI, and IP. From video switchers and mixers to PTZ cameras and fiber optic extenders, AVMATRIX offers products that are required for audiovisual applications.

Why choose BD Electronics Ltd as your AVMATRIX distributor? We provide exceptional support and services. When you partner with us, you can expect the following:

Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate the AVMATRIX product range, ensuring you select the best solutions to meet your customers’ unique requirements.

Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on AVMATRIX products, giving you an edge in the market and maximizing your profit margins.

Fast Delivery: With our efficient logistics network, you can count on prompt delivery of AVMATRIX products, ensuring your customers receive their orders promptly.

Technical Support: Our skilled technicians are readily available to assist with any technical issues or questions you may have regarding AVMATRIX products, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Marketing Support: We provide marketing materials and resources to help you effectively promote AVMATRIX products to your target audience, driving sales and growing your business.

Expand your product offerings and boost your business’s growth. Partner with BD Electronics Ltd, a trusted AVMATRIX distributor, and give your customers access to the cutting-edge solutions they need to stay ahead in the competitive world of professional audiovisual services. Contact us today and learn more about BD Electronics Ltd, an authorized AVMATRIX distributor and unlock the potential for success.



Q: What types of industries can benefit from using AVMATRIX products?

A: AVMATRIX products cater to various industries, including live events, broadcasting, post-production, video conferencing, surveillance, and more. Any industry that requires professional audiovisual equipment can benefit from AVMATRIX’s product range.

Q: Are AVMATRIX products compatible with various video formats and interfaces?

A: Yes, AVMATRIX products support various video formats and interfaces, such as SDI, HDMI, and IP, ensuring compatibility with different equipment and standards across the audiovisual industry.

Q: Can AVMATRIX products be used for live-streaming applications?

A: Absolutely. AVMATRIX offers several products, such as video switchers, PTZ cameras, and video encoders, specifically designed for live streaming applications. These products provide high-quality video output and seamless integration with popular streaming platforms.

Q: Where can I buy AVMATRIX electronic components?

A: You can buy AVMATRIX electronic components through authorized distributors, including BD Electronics Ltd. You can find a list of distributors and resellers on the AVMATRIX official website or by contacting their customer support.

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