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About AZ Displays

AZ is a custom display manufacturer that caters to multiple markets and industries. It has a broad product line of LCD modules, TFT panels, and IPS LCD panels that may come in customized or standard versions. 

AZ Displays distributors are proud to represent the company, for it is under the Zettler Group of North America. Zettler is an electronic firm that specializes in electromechanical relays. This allows AZ to offer a combination of sophisticated design and engineering capabilities at competitive pricing.


AZ Displays Products & Technologies

The product ranges from a selection of diagonal sizes and resolutions for various applications: Medical, Avionic, Navigation Systems, Irrigation & Industrial Controls, Testing & Measurement Device, Smart Metering, and more!


AZ Displays Product Catalog

Enlisted below are the five categories of the different AZ display products. 

IPS PanelsA more expensive LCD panel than the conventional TN due to the following characteristics:

  • Consistent, accurate, and brilliant color image display representation.
  • High-quality image from extra wide-viewing angles.
  • Offers the in-demand touch-screen application requirement of ‘no light’ or ‘tailing’ effects.
  • Stable response time.
Digital TFT PanelsRanges from 1.77” to 15.4” with display emphasis of 4.3”, 5”, and 7”.
Character ModulesA custom-focused product service offered with different standard sizes including 8 x 2, 16 x 1, 20 x 2, and more. Accompanied by a fully engineered department to address any customer needs and designs. 
Graphic ModulesSimilar to the Character Modules but has a higher standard size offers such as 128 x 64, 128 x 128, and 240 x 64. 
Custom Glass LCD and BTNA product-service offer which standouts in the market for the following aspects:

1. Offers low cost per unit for glass LCD displays.2. The flexibility of customization by providing many size options.

3. Fast tooling process and delivery for at least 12 weeks. 

AZ Displays Distributors

As a member of the Zettler Group, the products of AZ are highly known and well spread across the globe. 

However, the demand continues to increase, so AZ Displays distributors play a significant role in maintaining a consistent customer service experience, especially in adhering to their needs. 

BD Electronics is one to consider for the European market, although it also extends its services internationally.

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