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B+B SmartWox, formerly known as B+B Electronics products, is a leading manufacturer of intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions. In addition, the company designs device connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks.

In addition, the company was established more than thirty years ago and currently has its headquarters in Illinois. B+B’s cutting-edge product designs have earned the company its global reputation as a reliable manufacturer of data connectivity hardware products.

As part of the company’s commitment to being the industry’s best, B+B SmartWorx became a part of the Advantech group in 2016. This manufacturer offers new and sophisticated capabilities for improved productivity in industrial networking applications.


B+B SmartWorx Products and Technologies

B+B SmartWorx products are designed to build seamless M2M connections from the network edge to the network core. The company incorporates copper, fiber, and wireless connections to guide and transmit data.

Whether a B+B SmartWorx USB serial driver or a B+B SmartWorx router, all the products are engineered to withstand harsh and demanding environments, the products can also equip systems integrators, VARs, and OEMs with user-friendly solutions.


B+B SmartWorx Distributors Product Catalog

Product Category

Featured Products

Example Applications

Wireless Sensing Solutions
  • Low power wireless sensing
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Industrial Automation
  • Transportation
  • Data Centers
  • Building and Automation
  • Energy and Power
Cellular & Intelligent Gateways
  • SmartStart
  • Ethernet lottery machines
  • ATM stations
  • Kiosk locations
  • Gaming terminals along with RS-232 traffic controllers
  • Meters
  • UPS systems
  • PLCs 
Industrial Wireless
  • Airborne M2M
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer devices
  • Communication devices
  • Security & Access Control
  • Test & Measurement

B+B SmartWorx Product Applications

B+B SmartWorx products are used in the following applications –

  • M2M
  • Cellular
  • Smart Sensing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Point of Sale Management
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Consumer Devices
  • Transportation


B+B SmartWorx Distributors

B+B SmartWorx distributors like BD Electronics can supply products like B+B electronics 485usbtb-2w, B+B electronics rs232 to rs422 converter, etc. In addition, you can browse through our website for B+B electronics products.



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