ABRACON distributors are proud to represent one of the leading companies in the electronic industry. ABRACON was founded in 1992 in Irvine, CA. which then had to expand and relocate at the heart of Texas Hill Country, specifically in Spicewood, TX. This remains to be Abracon’s headquarters and is still privately owned.


This company manufactures and offers 60,000 unique electronic parts to match any technological challenge a customer may have. Abracon’s products are divided into three main categories and are listed below together with their features: 


  1. Frequency Control & Timing Devices – Solutions for compact size, low phase noise performance, and wide operating temperature range.
  1. RF & Antenna Products – Cellular, GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, LPWA, and Satellite Communications Applications.
  1. Inductor & Connectivity Solutions – AEC-Q2000 power inductors for high-power applications and Ethernet solutions.


Abracon is committed to manufacturing quality products and giving its customers satisfactory service at all times. With the help of its worldwide distributors, it accounts for an approximate annual shipment of 300 Million electronic parts from 25,000 active customers. The company is continuously being recognized as a high-quality supplier by different key players in all industries, and this is because every transaction is delivered according to Abracon’s standards. 


ABRACON Distributors featured services:


  • Provision of worldwide agile support from application and industry expert engineers and sales & customer service representatives.
  • Initiating new product innovations by independently designing and manufacturing RF, connectivity solutions, and power technologies led by Abracon’s engineers.

  • From texas to worldwide, global distribution allows an easy and immediate customer reach and product deliverance in no time. All products are available worldwide through local representatives and ABRACON distributors.

  • Supply chain flexibility is crucial for all these to be possible. In addition, Abracon’s customers can promptly possess their advanced technologies due to its production strategies that help in boosting flexibility, quality, and lead times. 


You may BD Electronics today, one of the many European ABRACON distributors for more information and assistance on Abracon’s products. 

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