Advantech is a US-based company committed to having long-term success by addressing the three fundamental principles: Mission, Growth Model, and Focus & Goal from the book of Jim Collins, “Good to Great.” It is a global leading electronic company that enables an intelligent planet through technological innovations such as the IoT intelligent system, machine automation, transportation, and more. 

As the company provides quality products through its worldwide distributors, it also continuously innovates for the planet by keeping the society updated with its magazines, the “MyAdvantech” and the “MyWISE-PaaS.” These are all available on their website for free, filled with all the necessary updates about the company and topics that concern different industries in relation to the world of technology. 

Advantech has been providing solutions in different fields, including Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Design & Manufacturing, and Industrial Equipment. It also offers both hardware and software solutions to its business partners with an Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core. Aside from these, it also provides clients the freedom to design their products according to Advantech’s quality and standards. It is known as the 50-Day DTOS service that features seamless teamwork, dedicated services, leading technology, and a trusted quality guarantee.

The main product categories of Advantech are as follows:

  1. Embedded Computing
  2. Applied Computing
  3. Industrial Automation
  4. Intelligent Connectivity
  5. IoT Intelligent System
  6. Cloud, Networking & Servers
  7. Computer Vision & Video Solution
  8. Intelligent Healthcare
  9. Intelligent Mobile Solutions & Logistics
  10. Intelligent City Services & Retail
  11. Mobile Computing Solutions
  12. Certified Peripherals


All these products are patronized across the globe, with sales coming respectively from North America, Greater China, Europe, North Asia, and other regions. In addition, it has a global service network called the iPlanet Care which delivers an exceptional One-Stop Service and Solution for its worldwide customers. Its long-term vision is made possible with the help of Advantech’s worldwide distributors and offices. 


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