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About Winchester Electronics

Since its founding in 1941, Winchester Electronics has been a pioneer in creating, advancing, and using interconnect technology. Winchester makes and produces a large selection of value-added cable and electromechanical assemblies, as well as PCB, RF, Power, and Fiber Optic connectors. With the acquisitions of Bomar Connectors and Kings® RF Connectors, they have increased their market reach and technological capabilities.


The competitive advantage of Winchester is its capacity to resolve technical interconnect issues and deploy those solutions globally to satisfy the manufacturing requirements of customers. This way, it provides fundamental supply chain management strategies that add value via high-mix/low-volume manufacturing technology.

Winchester Electronics Products & Technologies


Winchester Electronics provides various high-quality products, such as connectors and cable assemblies.


The company offers products in the following categories;



  • RF & Microwave
  • Hermetic
  • Miniature
  • Fiber Optic
  • Industrial
  • Other Mil/Spec

Cable Assemblies

  • Overmolding Capabilities
  • Coil Cord
  • Wire Harness
  • Heavy Gauge
  • RF Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic


  • RF Coax
  • Industrial
  • Undersea & Marine
  • Pipeline Inspection


Winchester Electronics Product Applications

Winchester Electronics products provide customers numerous uses in a variety of application areas, including:


  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Marine, oil, and gas
  • Medical
  • Industrial automation
  • Semiconductor
  • Space
  • Test and measurement


Winchester Electronics Distributors

Winchester Electronics offers cables, connectors, and cable assemblies worldwide via distributors. Additionally, BD Electronics, a distributor for Winchester Electronics, offers the most affordable prices for the high-performance products of the business.


BD Electronics is an international distributor of obsolete electrical parts and specializes in finding difficult-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About Winchester Electronics

Q1: What is cable assembly?

A: Cable assemblies are collections of cables assembled into a single unit for a specific function. Cable harnesses and wire looms are other names for cable assemblies. These cables are bundled together in the right length and direction o make installation more straightforward and faster.


Q2: What are cable assemblies used for?

A: A wire harness or cable assembly is probably present wherever a complicated electrical system exists. These components, sometimes called cable harnesses or wiring assemblies, are used to arrange, group, and safeguard electrical conductors.


Q3: What is contained in the cable assembly?

A: Typically made of rubber, vinyl, or pressure-extruded thermoplastics like polyurethane, a cable assembly is a collection of wires or cables enclosed in a single tube of material.


Q4: Where to order Winchester Electronics cable assemblies online?

A: Cable assemblies built by Winchester Electronics are available in many models from BD Electronics. By visiting the BD Electronics website and searching the product category area, you can locate the components you seek.

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