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About Boréas Technologies

BORÉAS TECHNOLOGIES is a fabless semiconductor company that commercializes various haptic applications integrated circuits. It was founded in 2016 in Bromont, Québec, through its origin research conducted at the very famous Harvard University. 

The company is headed by Simon Chaput, who believes that BORÉAS’ technology is capable of changing how society interacts today. The products, just like the bos1901-kit, are revolutionizing remote connections by getting the most out of every electronic device. 

The company widely caters to different markets, including consumers, automotive, and industrial sectors across the globe. Every BORÉAS Technologies Distributor ensures that customers receive adequate assistance and support wherever they are. 


BORÉAS Product Catalog


  • Piezo Haptic Driver 

This product is based on the company’s patent technology, the CapDrive, which allows OEM to easily integrate high definition BORÉAS’ haptics feedback into every application. 

It supports electronic devices of all sizes, from small wearables to more extensive applications such as an automobile infotainment system. 


Evaluation Board BOS1901 Development Kit

BORÉAS created a complementing item that would help bring out the best of the Piezo Haptic Drivers. This product has become a market’s choice due to combining two BOS1901 high-voltage piezoelectrics, making it compatible with a wide range of piezo actuators. 

In addition, the combination of this development kit and the CapDrive technology results in having the lowest latency and power consumption. It also contributes to sustainability by giving off the smallest footprint in the market. 


  • Technology

There are different technological innovations that this brand has to offer and are listed below. 

  1. BORÉAS’ NexusTouch
  2. BORÉAS’ Piezo Haptic Engine
  3. CapDrive Technology

To find out which among these three best fits your needs and requirements, you may reach out to any BORÉAS Technologies Distributor. 


BORÉAS Technologies Distributor 

The brand has different distributors worldwide. BD Electronics is an independent distributor of various electronic components. Contact us to order Boreas Technologies products.

Whether you are within or outside of Europe, you may contact BD Electronics to know about the different BORÉAS haptics feedback from their past clients. 

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