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About BotBlox

BotBlox was founded last 2017 in London and is the pioneer of the most challenging and ultra-compact hardware advancing the field of defense, mobile robotics, aerospace, and subsea engineering. The company aims to make the best gigabit network switch and hardware for all weight, power, size, and cost-sensitive applications. 

The company uses first-rate technology, specializing in reducing the cost of traditional large hardware. BotBlox also focuses on ethernet by using the latest technological advancements in networking silicon and making full use of its years of expertise and trustworthy engineers. The Single Pair Ethernet and 10GBAse-T are some of BotBlox’s newest standards that increase its hardware developments and gigabit network switch production. 

There are three benefits that the company promotes when customers choose its products, and these are the reduction of application space, time to market new systems, and cost of developing own solutions. In addition, BotBlox authorized distributors always guarantee their clients a more affordable and better design that would be delivered immediately. 

BotBlox’s authorized distributors and customers have remained satisfied and loyal to the brand since they discovered its products. The company can maintain a healthy and long-term business relationship by supporting its facilities non-stop. In addition, BotBlox employees are given the guidance they need to consistently perform their best in research, design, testing, and manufacturing. 

On top of supporting the well-being of its employees, BotBlox also fulfills its societal duty by being aware of the different environmental issues. For example, the company altered the packaging of its gigabit network switch and other Botblox products to reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials and plastic. These may not be entirely removed or replaced, but the company realized that such materials could be reused. 
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