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About Bumper Specialties

Bumper Specialties is a US-based manufacturer of high-quality molded self-adhesive and cylindrical rubber bumpers. Established in 1989, it has earned a reputation for offering the most competitive product line pricing to the market. The company holds standard recognitions from ROHS & WEEE and Lead-Free & UL certifications. 

Bumper Specialties has a 100,000 sq. ft. area for its manufacturing facility and corporate offices, which are situated in the same building. This strategy was purposely done as part of the company’s customer service standards to allow efficient communication and timely work delivery. As a result, the cylindrical rubber bumpers and other Bumper Specialties products have a same-day shipping delivery option. 

The company offers cylindrical rubber bumpers and self-adhesive rubber feet that continuously aim to be the best in the electronic industry. Additional product range varieties are as follows:

  • Cone-shaped rubber spacers
  • Round dome-shaped bumper feet
  • Square bumper pads
  • Recessed rubber door stoppers
  • Soft durometer (SD) sound-dampening cabinet bumpers
  • Circular flat-topped non-skid rubber bumpers

These contribute to the millions of products manufactured daily, resulting in an extensive inventory that follows many industrial standards. 

Bumper Specialties gives as much importance to its employees and recognized distributors. It firmly believes that its capabilities are part of the business foundation. All its recognized distributors are always given the support and assistance they need. They enable the company’s cylindrical rubber bumpers to reach customers worldwide. Excellent customer assistance is also delivered due to having an experienced salesforce & marketing department. In addition, authorized distributors easily connect employees to customers from over 70 countries as they are multilingual. 

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