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About Challenge Electronics

Challenge Electronics is a global supplier of multiple sounding devices, including transducers, microphones, and speakers. It is an unrivaled electronic parts supplier with a robust infrastructure for distributing, manufacturing, and value-adding services. The company has its headquarter in the bustling city of New York and possess ISO 9001:2015 and REACH/ROHS-compliance accreditations. 

The audio components of challenge electronics are widely available in varieties from its official electronic parts suppliers. They deliver North American engineering ingenuity, exceptional customer service experience, and economic advantages of off-shore production to multiple industries worldwide. Challenge Electronics’ offices and facilities are located in key regions around the globe, enabling its electronic parts suppliers to have products and services readily available for delivery. Even the most demanding markets such as medical, automotive, marine, and consumer electronics attest to the quality that Challenge Electronics promises to offer. 

Challenge Electronics has become a highly effective organization that provides internationally certified audio components of Challenge Electronics. CH Products offers are enlisted below according to their category:



  • Electromagnetic
  • Mechanical
  • Piezoelectric


  • Electromagnetic
  • Mechanical
  • Piezoelectric
  • Ultrasonic
  • Pezo Element


  • Electret Condenser
  • MEMS


  • > 60 mm
  • 40 – 60 mm
  • 20 – 40 mm
  • < 20 mm

On top of these readily available products are two special assembly services. First is the battery assembly for different cell types with the following termination types: Terminal, Solder Tab, Solder Point, Snap, Spring, Surface Mount, Through Hole, Wire Leaded, and more. The second is chamber assembly, where variety depends on whether the form factor is round, rectangle, oval or mobile.

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