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Chilisin Electronics

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About Chilisin Electronics

Chilisin Electronics is a corporation established in 1972 in Hsinchu Taiwan. The company first started supplying ferrite core-based products before offering total power solutions. 

At the time, the domestic market was the primary target focus of the company, and as years went by, it eventually involved a global industry scope.

Today, the company has multiple office representations in key continents, namely Europe, Asia, and America, on top of its headquarters in Taiwan.

The company began recognizing Chilisin distributor partners.  Now, big brands such as Ferroxcube, MagLayers, Magic Tech, and Both hand are part of its vertical and horizontal alliances integration.

Having a balanced service network enables the company to provide efficient and timely technical support to all its customers regardless of their background and industry.

As part of this, the brand made sure to support all of the requirements of its partners to encourage a long-term relationships. 

Chilisin Product Categories

Listed below are the nine total power solutions categories that the company’s distributor partners can offer.


  • Power inductor
  • EMI-Bead
  • EMI – Common Mode Choke
  • RF-Signal Inductor
  • RF-LTCC Component
  • RF-Antennas
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • LAN Transformer
  • Power Module

Chilisin Distributors

The company takes quality and service seriously. The company achieves this through consistent provision of ample production capacity, rigorous quality control, prompt technical support, complete international quality certifications, and a worldwide sales & service network. 

Furthermore, the distributor partners take full advantage of these as they create possible market connections to the brand.

In addition, the availability of in-house power technology and automated manufacturing equipment makes it easier for them to guarantee customers that their total power solutions requirements will be promptly delivered at a short lead time. 


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