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About Chogori Technologies


CHOGORI TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2007 to specialize in designing and manufacturing connectors for harsh environments and outdoor applications. Three main product classifications are available from CHOGORI connectors distributors across the globe. 

The variety includes E-Bike Connectors, LED Connectors, and Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Connectors. Each of them has its respective product variety resulting from the company’s hard work and dedication for more than a decade of successful business in the industry.



Some of the company’s focus markets are marine electronics, renewable energy, electric vehicles, industrial automation, robotics & automated machinery, dust-proof & waterproof connectors, solid-state lighting, and other outdoor applications. The different Chogori standard series connectors feature lower cost, smaller size, and higher current rating according to its patented NEWSOK® contact technology. 



Chogori standard series connectors undergo meticulous development, including standardization, 5S, JIT training, A3 planning, Kanban, and other tools. In addition, the company uses lean manufacturing management to achieve consistent superior product quality at all times. 

This assists Chogori connector distributors in delivering quality service and the best technical support to customers. In addition, all Chogori Standard Series connectors are guaranteed to adhere to OEMs’ standard and custom requirements worldwide, optimizing the company’s production performance.


CHOGORI Connectors Distributors

Chogori connectors distributors are in demand worldwide due to the recognition and milestones achieved by the company. In January 2014, the Chogori standard series connectors became the National Benchmark Interface for LED street lighting in China.

The company has also been a choice of electronic distributors like BD Electronics. They offer display and lighting connectors for major international projects, including World Expo, Olympic Games, Shenzhen Universiade, and Asian Games. 




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