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About ChromeLED

ChromeLED is an electronic industry ISO certified LED light solution provider located in greater Los Angeles. This electronic company manufactures high-quality products that are made available at reasonable pricing.  

The company’s primary focus is to globally provide ChromeLED lights and lamps with the help of different ChromeLED suppliers. It has an extensive product selection such as SMD ChromeLED, Through-hole LEDs, PLCC LEDs, and LED lighting solutions. All of which are guaranteed to comply with ROHS and REACH requirements with much emphasis on the prohibited use of hazardous substances. 

ChromeLED has been living up its promise of “Providing the most effective solution for each LED requirement.” It can support the world monthly with 300 million LED lamps and 100 million LED displays by having its manufacturing plants and facilities. On top of these is a strong R&D department resulting in a full line of fresh and innovative products.

ChromeLED Product Variations

Listed below are the different product offers of ChromeLED

LED Components

Product NameDescription
CBIStands for Circuit Board Indicators that are used by operating statuses as signals. These are LEDs with integral resistors for different conditions.
High Power LEDA new series offering a unique performance that exceeds those of most fluorescent solutions. The series ranges from 0.5W to 3W. 
LED Display Flexible anode and cathode that are offered in a single, dual, triple, quad, bar graph, and alphanumeric varieties. 
LED LampA traditional lead frame technology for LEDs dedicated to an easy soldering assembly process.
SMD ChromeLEDSMDs are created in a compact design and are available in multiple industry-standard dimensions. 
SMD DisplayAn innovative ultra-thin SMD especially made for space applications.
Capacitive Touch DisplayThe newest offer with an intuitive design by removing the traditional switch. It uses both standard and custom graphics.


ChromeLED Distributors

There are a wide variety of ChromeLED products to choose from and ChromeLED suppliers make all of these easily available to any customers worldwide. BD Electronics is one to consider, especially for the European market. These suppliers are knowledgeable enough about the company, which allows them to provide the highest quality of assistance to customers.

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