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About Citizen Finedevice

Citizen Finedevice is a brand-new business with a history that was formed by merging three firms with a combined record of more than 50 years.

Ceramic components, ferroelectric liquid crystal display devices, combustion pressure sensors, measuring instruments, motors, and precision metal machined automotive parts are just a few products that Citizen Finedevice manufactures and sells. The company also works on developing products in a variety of different business fields. Their specialized core technologies underpin these goods, including precise metal part machining, thin-film technology, brittle material machining, assembly technology, and sealing technology. To maintain its originality, Citizen Finedevice also uses manufacturing equipment that they create in-house.


Citizen Finedevice Co., LTD. Products & Technologies


Customers can choose from high-quality Citizen Finedevice items, such as crystal devices, magnets, and compact automotive components.


The company offers products in the following categories;


Crystal Device

  • Crystal Units / Oscillator Crystal Chips (AT Blanks)
  • Crystal Units
  • Crystal Oscillators

Compact Automotive Components

Thin-film Submount



Precision Measuring Instruments

  • Digital Gauges SA Series Contact Type Displacement Sensors
  • Electric Micrometers (ELEMETRON)
  • Signal Indicators (TRI-METRON)
  • Microindicators (Mu-METRON)
  • Stands for Measurement
  • Option Accessory

Combustion Pressure Sensor

  • Automotive
  • Supercharging Vehicles
  • General・Development

Ferroelectric LCDs

  • Photonics Devices (Switching Wave Plates)
  • LCOS Foundry




Citizen Finedevice Product Applications

Citizen Finedevice products have a variety of applications in many different industries:


  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Environment
  • Automobiles
  • Health care
  • Aerospace
  • Communication
  • Household appliances


Citizen Finedevice Distributors

Crystal devices, magnets, and compact automotive parts are among the products that Citizen Finedevice exports via authorized distributors. In addition, products and services from Citizen Finedevice are committed to being made available to clients worldwide at the most competitive prices through an authorized distributor, BD Electronics.


BD Electronics is a top supplier of inaccessible electrical parts with a global presence. While looking for electronic components, you can be more specific about the ones you require and the price range.


FAQ About Citizen Finedevice

Q1: What is a combustion pressure sensor?

A: The combustion pressure in an engine cylinder can be measured with a Combustion Pressure Sensor (CPS).


Q2: How does the pressure sensor work?

A: Pressure transducers have a constant-area sensing element that reacts to the fluid pressure’s force. The applied force will deflect the diaphragm within the pressure transducer. Measurement and electrical output are made from the internal diaphragm’s deflection.


Q3: What is a pressure sensor in an engine?

A: Every type of combustion engine (gasoline, diesel, CNG, LPG), as well as transmission, can monitor the fuel and oil pressure quickly and precisely thanks to the medium-pressure sensor. This measurement regulates how much gasoline or oil is pumped out of the pump.


Q4: Where to order Citizen Finedevice combustion pressure sensor online?

A: Multiple combustion pressure sensors are available from BD Electronics. You can find the components you seek by going to the BD Electronics website and searching the product category area.

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