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About Compass Instruments

Compass Instruments was established by Andy Faville, Jim Hepp, and Led Heerdt in 2004. They set the company’s focus on particular market segments: petroleum, materials, and lubricant. Distributors of Compass Instruments are strategically chosen through deliberate checking of their credibility and location to help cater to these industries. 

The sales force of Compass are experts from laboratories and related industry firms. This was an idea of Jim, for he believes that having first-hand industry experiences and knowledge will be an excellent foundation for a strong sales team. Compass continues to apply this virtue and has received an incredible amount of positive feedback from clients. For an employee to provide the best solution or the suitable sulfur analyzer to customers, it is necessary to understand their needs. 

Distributors of Compass Instruments greatly rely on the different departments and facilities as they take pride in representing the company. Coms of Compass’s customers are the most significant companies globally who are included in the Fortune 100. In addition, these are businesses that are part of the 500 largest U.S. companies, annually presented by Fortune magazine. This factor attracts potential clients towards the brand, constantly challenging the company to satisfy and meet their demands and those of their clients. 

All distributors of Compass Instruments provide the most advanced, precision equipment and technical support. Regardless of the customer profile, the company can provide them with a sulfur analyzer that best fits their respective applications. In addition, every finished product, component, and research material is carefully analyzed with the support of certifications as proof that all of Compass Instruments’ products are always of the best quality. 

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