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About Concord Electronics


CONCORD ELECTRONICS has manufactured highly reliable precision-machined electronic components, hardware, and test accessories for over 50 years. Many industries use most of the battery terminal connectors, including avionics, automotive, industrial, marine, instrumentation, medical, military, and more.

CONCORD’s products are Made in the USA as the company has its manufacturing facility located in Long Island City, New York. The quality of CONCORD ELECTRONICS distributors’ products adheres to the Mil-Spec standards. 

In addition, CONCORD has set a regular rigorous post-production testing to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. 


CONCORD ELECTRONICS Distributors Product Catalog


The variety of battery terminal connectors is based according to CONCORD ELECTRONICS distributors’ broad portfolio of both standard military and commercial products that include:


  • Terminals
  • PC Jacks and Panel Jacks
  • PC Pin Terminals and Plugs
  • Banana Plugs, Jacks, and Phone Tips
  • Binding Posts
  • Standoffs, Spacers, and Bushings
  • Hardware
  • Knobs and Handles
  • Test Products and Tools
  • Solder and Solderless Terminals


On top of these exceptional ranges of battery terminal connectors are engineering solutions exclusively available from CONCORD ELECTRONICS distributors. These are customization opportunities for customers with specific or unique application requirements, especially for the military and aerospace sectors. 

There are five options available and these are explained below:

Manufacturing Capabilities

Concord uses specialized machine tools & processes for components that require close tolerances and exact specifications. 


Thermal Injection Molding

The ability to meet the rigorous high-voltage of insulation by molding thermosetting resins and thermoplastic with the inclusion of PTF insulation materials. 



Different plated parts finish such as Zinc, Nickel, Bright Electro Tin, and Electro Solder.



Customer support for testing services of all production lines, including PC Pin Terminals, Installation Tools, Path-Cords Assemblies, etc. 


Product Testing

The in-house product testing lab & tool room that utilizes the latest equipment & instruments benefit from its MIL-DTL-39024 qualification.



You may contact us today to explore more about the different battery terminal connectors of CONCORD ELECTRONICS. 

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