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CR Magnetics, Inc.

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About CR Magnetics, Inc.

CR Magnetics, a market leader in supplying electrical instrumentation products comprising current, voltage, power, frequency, sensors, and components, was established in 1986 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. All industries, including automation, utilities, OEM goods, and industrial controls employ their products, which are known throughout the world and used in these sectors. Additionally, CR Magnetics keeps manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the Americas, Europe, and East Asia.


Their products improve their customers’ sensing applications by being quick to produce, easy to install, and RoHS compliant. As they adapt industry-standard parts and create unique products for OEM applications, they are dedicated to quality, dependability, and offering technical assistance.


CR Magnetics, Inc. Products & Technologies


Digital transducers, analog transducers, current transformers, and many other high-end products are offered by CR Magnetics, Inc.


The company offers high-end products in the following categories;


Analog Transducers

  • AC Current Transducers
  • AC Voltage Transducers
  • DC Current Transducers
  • DC Voltage Transducers
  • AC/DC Hall Effect Current Transducers
  • AC Power Transducers
  • AC Power Factor Transducers
  • Frequency Transducers

Data Stream Digital Transducers

  • Multi-Function – CRD5100 Series
  • AC Current – CRD4100 Series
  • AC Voltage – CRD4500 Series

Relays, Switches, Sensors

Indicators and Displays

  • Current Mark Indicators
  • Wire Mounted
  • Remote

AC Current Transformers

  • Commercial Current Transformers (General Purpose)
  • ANSI Metering Class Current Transformers (Revenue Grade)
  • Ground Fault Current Transformers
  • High-Frequency Current Transformers
  • Wound Primary Current Transformers


CR Magnetics, Inc. Product Applications

Customers can utilize the high-quality products from CR Magnetics, Inc. in a variety of applications, including:


  • Automation
  • Utilities
  • Industrial controls
  • OEM products
  • Electronics
  • Home&kitchen appliances
  • Electrical substations
  • Generating stations
  • Commercial electric power distribution


CR Magnetics, Inc. Distributors

Digital transducers, analog transducers, and current transformers are among the items distributed by CR Magnetics, Inc. around the globe. Additionally, the most competitive pricing for the high-performance CR Magnetics, Inc. products is provided through distributor BD Electronics.


BD Electronics is a worldwide distributor of outdated electrical parts, concentrating on locating hard-to-find components. You can submit a part request to find electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the price range.


FAQ About CR Magnetics, Inc.

Q1: What are current transformers used for?

A: The current of another circuit is measured using a Current Transformer (CT). Across national power networks, CTs are utilized to monitor high-voltage lines. A CT’s secondary winding is made to generate an alternating current proportional to the primary current it is measuring.


Q2: What is the most common use for a current transformer?

A: Electrical distribution networks frequently employ current transformers (CTs) for metering, protection, and measurement purposes. They are straightforward machines that generate an alternating current directly proportional to the primary conductor’s current in the secondary winding.


Q3: Which type of transformer is used in industries?

A: Industries are connected to the electricity grid by furnace transformers, heavy-duty rectifier transformers, and converter transformers. They aim to provide strong currents at extremely specified voltages, a vital resource for industrial applications that consume a lot of energy.


Q4: Where to order CR Magnetics, Inc.’s current transformers online?

A: BD Electronics offers current transformers from CR Magnetics, Inc. in numerous configurations. By going to the BD Electronics website and searching the product category section, you can find the parts you’re searching for.

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