About DFRobot

As one of the first companies to embrace open-source hardware, DFRobot was established in 2008 by a local maker community. It continues developing cutting-edge, user-friendly hardware and software products that serve as the foundation for various electronic projects while fostering a vibrant learning environment. 


DFRobot has grown over the past ten years from open-source hardware to include STEM education, manufacturing, and other sectors. More than a thousand widgets and components, including sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules, and 3D printers, are featured in its product catalog. The company’s production lines range from devices like the Boson kit, micro:Maqueen series, and Mind Plus for K12 students to entire learning packages for these same pupils.


DFRobot Products & Technologies


DFRobot offers a wide range of high-end goods, including robots, 3D printers, communication modules, and more.


The company’s product line is listed below;


Boson Kit

Gravity Series

AI machine vision sensor (Huskylens)

  • HUSKYLENS™ and Accessories
  • HUSKYLENS™ Partners

Arduino-compatible Microcontrollers (Romeo)

Arduino-compatible Bluetooth (Bluno)

  • Microcontroller
  • Accessory
  • Communication


DFRobot Product Applications

Customers can utilize the high-quality products from DFRobot in a variety of applications, including:


  • Rapid Prototyping Developing
  • Education
  • DIYer or Maker
  • Robotic applications
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automation
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods


DFRobot Distributors

Robots, 3D printers, communication modules, and other high-end equipment are all shipped worldwide by DFRobot. Additionally, distributor BD Electronics offers the most affordable prices for high-performance DFRobot goods.


BD Electronics is a worldwide known distributor of obsolete electrical parts, concentrating on locating hard-to-find items. You can make a part request to find electronic components, and we’ll let you specify the pricing range.


FAQ About DFRobot

Q1: What is a sensor?

A: A sensor is a tool that detects the input from the physical world and reacts to it. Light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, and other environmental phenomena can provide all input. 

Q2: What are the types of sensors?


A: Accelerometers, pressure sensors, light sensors, and sound sensors are a few examples of analog sensors. Digital sensors translate the data into a digital format (electronic or electrochemical sensors). Digital accelerometers, pressure, and temperature sensors are a few examples.


Q3: How do sensors work?

A: A sensor produces electrical impulses by translating inputs like heat, light, sound, and motion. These signals are transmitted through a device that transforms them into a binary code before sending it to a computer for processing.


Q4: Where to order DFRobot sensors online?

A: BD Electronics provides DFRobot sensors in a variety of configurations. You can find the parts you’re looking for by visiting the BD Electronics website and searching the product category section.

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