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Actuonix Motion Devices, Inc.

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About Actuonix Motion Devices, Inc.

Actuonix Motion Devices, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the micromotion market, distributing a complete range of micro linear actuators, linear servos, and track actuators to its clients. For almost two decades in the market, this Canadian company has been dedicated to providing the most significant product quality and solutions for various applications, including robotics, aerospace, automotive, medical, and radio control.


The company, together with distributors, takes pleasure in providing excellent service, prompt delivery, and a more extensive selection of models to its partners. Although its product line includes 164 distinct micro linear actuators and servos, new models are developed and added to its lineup regularly. 


Actuonix’s products are divided into seven model types and are listed below together with their features: 


  • PQ12 Series Micro Linear Actuators;

PQ12 series are excellent for applications requiring precise positioning and compact size. 

  • P8 Micro Linear Stepper Actuator

The P8 stepper actuators are complete, self-contained linear motion devices. 

  • L12 Micro Linear Actuators

The broad spectrum of configurations available it’s the most important feature to mention for this series. 

  • L16 Series Mini Linear Actuators

It is ideally suited to applications with tight space and weight restrictions that require more force.

  • P16 Series Mini Linear Actuators

P16 is the next generation of 12V mini linear actuators. These products provide higher speeds, higher forces, and longer life than our other units.

  • T16 Linear Track Actuators

T16 can be used with even tighter space restrictions than the company’s standard actuators. 

  • S20 Stepper Linear Actuators

The S20 offers high-precision positioning in a compact package ideal for mounting in tight spaces.


Actuonix Motion Devices, Inc. aims to keep a wide choice of products and excellent services, together with its distributors and partners, for the primary purpose – meeting each client’s needs.


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