E-Z-Hook is a reputable manufacturer of electronic test products known throughout the industry for quality parts, rapid response, and custom manufacturing capabilities. E-Z-Hook is a privately-owned company. E-Z-Hook started to manufacture when the company obtained its patent in 1965. Since 1970 E-Z-Hook’s product line has been expanded, reaching over 10,000 parts and assemblies and custom manufacturing services.

E-Z-Hook products contribute to various industries, including electronic, electrical, automotive, telecommunication, medical, and industrial. E-Z-Hook’s diverse product line includes test leads to interfaces, jumpers, coaxial adaptors, conventional test lead interfaces, oscilloscope, test probes, and multi-lead assemblies kits. Besides, there are also wire and cable assemblies, hooks of various sizes, insulation piercing hooks and clips, board nails, nail clips. 

E-Z-Hook product lines are made of quality products: Beryllium Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold or Nickel Plating, and Nylon. Most items are field-repairable. There are ten choices of colors for each product, including various products in kilo-color® (1000 color combinations to choose from) so that it is easy to identify in the testing environment. All jumpers, leads, and cables are available for order in various lengths and wire gauges. E-Z-Hook also offers test connectors in non-magnetic and high-temperature versions.

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