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About EDAC

EDAC is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electrical connectors and electronic components. Established in 1966, EDAC has since expanded its product portfolio to include one of the widest ranges of interconnect solutions on the market. EDAC’s design and manufacturing excellence is guided by innovation and a drive to challenge the status quo.


EDAC Products & Technologies


EDAC boasts an extensive and varied catalog of interconnect solutions that are suited to a multitude of applications.


EDAC offers products in the following categories:


  • D-Sub
  • RJ45
  • USB & Firewire
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • PLCC Sockets
  • Pin Headers
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Custom Solutions
  • Card Edge Connectors
  • Rectangular Connectors
  • Modular and Magnetic Jacks
  • HDMI Connectors
  • Inline Connectors
  • Header Connectors


EDAC Product Applications


  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket
  • Broadcast
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Date Infrastructure
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Energy Technology
  • Lighting
  • Industrial
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Renewable Energy


EDAC Distributors


EDAC is one of the largest interconnect companies in the world, relying on a network of authorized distributors to sell its innovative technology globally. BD Electronics offers the best prices on cutting-edge EDAC products.


BD Electronics is a worldwide distributor of obsolete electrical components, with a focus on locating and procuring hard-to-find parts. You can submit your part requirements, and we’ll let you set the price range.





Q1: What are EDAC connectors used for?


A: EDAC is a brand of multi-pin connector used in audio systems and equipment.


Q2: What is a card edge connector?



A: Card edge or edgeboard connectors is a style of connector system in which a pattern of regions around the edge of a printed circuit board (PCB) constitutes one half of a mating pair.


Q3: What is pitch in edge connector?


A: Pitch is the distance between connection pins.


Q4: Where to order EDAC connectors online?


A: BD Electronics is an authorized distributor of EDAC products. You can order EDAC products in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your parts requirements and quantity — our team will take it from there.

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