About Elna America

Established in 1977, Elna America, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ELNA Co. Ltd., Japan. Elna America supplies its innovative capacitors across the North American region through its distributors and partners. Elna America manufactures a wide range of capacitors, including aluminum electrolyte capacitors, conductive polymer capacitors, and double layer capacitors.


Elna America Products & Technologies

Elna America has a vast array of products:


  • Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Electric Double Layer Capacitors


Elna America Product Applications


Elna America products are utilized in the following sectors:


  • Power train
  • Chassis
  • Comfortable equipment
  • Exterior equipment


Elna America Distributors


BD Electronics is one of the most reliable Elna America Distributors. We ship Elna America capacitors throughout the globe at the most cost-effective rates. Our electronic component supply chain is the most secure and safe in the world. We use high-quality packaging material to safely ship the parts and components around the globe. As a result, our clients are ensured to receive the electronic components in perfect condition every single time. BD Electronics has been a world leader in dealing with electronic components, PCB boards, capacitors, resistors, ICs, embedded systems, and more! Contact BD Electronics at +356 7711 5063 today!


FAQ About Elna America


Q1: Where are Elna capacitors made?


A: Elna capacitors are made in California, and Georgia, USA.


Q2: Who makes capacitors in the USA?


A: There are many capacitor manufacturers in the USA, and Elna America, a leading capacitors manufacturer, also makes capacitors.


Q3: Who makes Elna capacitors?


A: Elna America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Elna Company, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan, that manufactures Elna capacitors.


Q4: Where to order Elna America products online?


A: Anyone can order Elna America products at BD Electronics website. Click here to request a free quote by adding your parts and component requirements in the online form.


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