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About ERNI Electronics

ERNI Electronics is a number one international producer and worldwide provider of a broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, information technology, computer, industrials, and medical markets.

With headquarters in Switzerland and areas in over 40 nations, privately held ERNI Electronics Inc. is a number one international producer of high-quality electronic connectors and cable assemblies for the automotive, industrial, medical, and communications sectors. ERNI is a reliable partner for many organizations, regardless of their scales. The connectors are renowned for having a miniaturized and rugged design, stack multiple connectors without the loss of signals, and ease alignment and latching. Regionally, ERNI Americas’ headquarters in Midlothian, VA, allows the group to offers native and global buyers electronic parts, administration, and customer service. ERNI’s ability to support technology worldwide is because it has sales offices throughout the world and a network of authorized distributors. Customized solutions are also available as in-house engineers from ERNI are based locally and throughout the globe.

The Systems Division at ERNI focuses on developing and manufacturing backplanes, electronic assemblies, and complete programs with rich systems know-how capabilities.

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