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About Honeywell

Honeywell Sensing and Control is known for producing one of the broadest switching and sensing product lines in the industry. Honeywell products’ significant families include Clarostat, Data Instruments, Electro, Elmwood, Fenwal, Hobbs, Hycal, Micro Switch™, NEI, and Sensym. Over the years of operation, Honeywell has provided various solutions with technology platforms designed to meet specific market demands with suitable packaging.

Honeywell Sensing and Control produces over 50,000 electronic products. These include snap action, limit, toggle, and push-button switches to sensors for position, speed, pressure, torque, temperature, humidity, and airflow. With years of experience in production and reliability from clients, Honeywell Sensing and Control commits to support the electronic industry with top-quality components, deliver consistency and reliable performance.

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