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Fair-Rite Products Corp. is a leading designer and manufacturer of ferrite components, including ferrites powder cores, metal powder cores, EMI filters, baluns, inductors, chokes, and splitters. Fair-Rite Products Corp. is an ISO 9001-certified company with over 65 years in the electronics industry.


Fair-Rite Products Corp. Products & Technologies

Suppression Components

Board Components

  • EMI Suppression Beads
  • Beads-on-Leads
  • PC Beads (Through Hole)
  • Wound Beads
  • SM Beads (Common-Mode)
  • SM Beads (Differential-Mode)
  • Multi-Aperture cores
  • Chip Beads

Cable Components

  • Round Cable EMI Suppression Cores
  • Round Cable Snap-Its
  • Flat Cable EMI Suppression Cores
  • Flat Cable Snap-Its
  • Connector EMI Suppression Plates
  • Miscellaneous Suppression Cores
  • Flat Cable Cores Assembly Clips

Shielding Components

  • Flexible Ferrites

Power & Inductive Components

Open Magnetic Circuit

  • Rods
  • Antenna/RFID Rods
  • Bobbins

Closed Magnetic Circuit

  • Toroids
  • Coated Toroids
  • Pot Cores
  • E Cores
  • EFD Cores
  • ETD Cores
  • EER Cores
  • EP Cores
  • Planar Cores
  • PQ Cores
  • RM Cores
  • U Cores


Engineering Kits

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Fair-Rite Products Corp. Product Applications


Fair-Rite Products Corp. manufactures a wide range of ferrite and other products that are utilized in the following sectors and applications:


  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Smart homes


Fair-Rite Products Corp. Distributors


Fair-Rite Products Corp. has made itself a well-known name in the ferrite component manufacturing industry. BD Electronics, one of the most notable Fair-Rite Products Corp. distributors, helps customers across the world easily access its quality parts and components.


BD Electronics has partnered with Fair-Rite Products Corp. to ship its products safely across the world. We specialize in providing hard-to-find electronic components to electronic goods manufacturers.


FAQ About Fair-Rite Products Corp.


Q1: What does a ferrite choke do?


A: A ferrite choke eliminates high-frequency noise from electronic devices.


Q2: Is a ferrite core magnetic?


A:  Ferrite cores are used in the transformers as windings or to wound any other component. This magnetic device also helps to prevent the occurrence of eddy currents.


Q3: Where should ferrite rings be placed?


A: Ferrite rings should be placed as close to the center of the circuit as possible. If a ferrite ring is placed too far from the center, it will not affect the current’s strength. Generally, the ferrite rings should be placed on the negative and positive poles of the battery.


Q4: Where to order About Fair-Rite Products Corp. products online?


A: Fair-Rite Products Corp. products are available in bulk at the BD Electronics website. BD Electronics has direct ties with Fair-Rite Products Corp. Fill in your details regarding parts and component requirements, and we’ll get in touch with you soon!


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