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About FDK America

FDK America manufactures batteries and electronic components that are ahead of the curve. FDK is breaking all stereotypes by adapting to sustainable electronic component manufacturing. FDK America was founded in 1950 and has been delivering commercial and industrial products for worldwide usage. FDK America fulfills customers’ demands by taking extraordinary measures in quick shipping and reliable handling of batteries and other electronic components. We at FDK America are determined to serve the industry with high-quality, environment-friendly electronic components.


FDK America Products & Technologies

FDK America manufactures a wide range of products:


  • Ni-MH Battery
  • Lithium Battery
  • Alkaline Battery
  • Electronic Components


FDK America Product Applications


FDK America’s batteries and electronic components are best utilized in two major applications:

  • Consumer
  • Industrial


FDK America Distributors


BD Electronics, one of the top FDK America distributors, ships FDK America products worldwide at cost-effective prices. BD Electronics has original FDK America products reliably shipped in safe and secure packaging. In addition, BD Electronics is known for stocking up hard-to-find electronic components directly sourced from leading manufacturers, including FDK America.


BD Electronics’ electronic component dispatch takes the shortest possible time, which in turn, helps electronic goods manufacturer to procure their manufacturing process faster. FDK America distributor is also easy to reach via an online quote form and has a reliable sales team to handle the query without interruption. Get in touch with BD Electronics for more information!


FAQ About FDK America


Q1: Where are FDK America’s headquarters?


A: FDK America has its headquarters at 1-6-41 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8212, Japan.


Q2: What is FDK America’s phone number?


A: FDK America’s phone number is +81 357157438.


Q3: What is FDK America’s official website?


A: The official website of FDK America is www.fdk.com.


Q4: Where to order FDK America products online?


A: Getting FDK America products online and offline is easy. BD Electronics partnered with FDK America as a distributor and made filling parts and components requirements quick via the online method. Click here to learn more!


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