Established in 2018, FERROXCUBE is a leading global supplier of ferrite-ceramic technology. They provide their customers with a wide range of soft ferrite cores, accessories, and EMI suppression products, supporting equipment manufacturers regarding electromagnetic inference.


Together with its R&D team, it develops low power losses and high saturation magnetic flux densities across an extensive range of operating frequencies, supporting modern-day digital electronic markets.


It further offers extensive design-in support, application information, and software to help its designer clients reach their goals through development and production help.


FERROXCUBE Products & Technologies


FERROXCUBE products are made with a material called ferrite, providing an innovative way for contributing to the electronics industry.


The company offers products in the following categories:


  • Cores & Accessories
    • Planar ER cores
    • EQ cores
    • U and UR cores
    • PQ cores
    • PM cores
    • ER and ETD cores
    • EFD cores
    • Planar E cores
    • EP and EPX cores
    • E cores
    • EC cores
    • RM cores
    • P cores
  • EMI
    • WBC windband choke on wire
    • Ferrite Tube
    • Rod core
    • Ferrite Multihole
    • Cable shield
    • Ferrite Bead
    • Ferrite Bobbin
  • SMD
    • Multilayer Inductor
    • WBC windband choke on wire
    • SMD CMM choke
    • SMD bead
  • Toroid
    • Epoxy Coated Toroid
    • Parylene coated toroid
    • Uncoated toroid


FERROXCUBE Product Applications


FERROXCUBE products provide a wide range of applications across an array of industries:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Telecommunications  
  • Computing Electronics 
  • Consumer 
  • Automotive


FERROXCUBE Distributors


FERROXCUBE distributors provide FERROXCUBE products such as PQ Cores and other sustainable and innovative designs. 


One of its essential distributors is BD Electronics, which distributes high-quality, high-performance, reasonably priced FERROXCUBE products.


BD Electronics LTD is a global distributor of hard-to-find electronic components which, after receiving your part requirements, helps you find the right price through product sourcing.




Q1: ​​What is FERROXCUBE?

A: FERROXCUBE is a leading global supplier of ferrite components.


Q2: What is FERROXCUBE known for?

A: FERROXCUBE is known as an electronic components manufacturer, mainly of ferrites.


Q3: Where is FERROXCUBE headquarters located?

A: FERROXCUBE is located in Taiwan.


Q4: Where to order FERROXCUBE Toroids online?

A: You can order FERROXCUBE on the BD Electronics website. You only need to send in your part requirements and the amount you need, which will shortly be catered to you by our team.

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