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About Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube is the leading manufacturer of ferrite-ceramic technology, which offers a wide range of soft ferrite cores, accessories, and EMI suppression products.

These are to supply to electronic manufacturers in the electromagnetic sector. Ferroxcube also offers extensive design-in support, such as application information and software to help designers optimize their new designs.

FERROXCUBE emphasizes the miniaturization of magnetic functions. Ferrite parts and accessories from FERROXCUBE are essential in various digital electronics markets, from telecommunications and computing to automotive.

Formerly a Philips Components company, Ferroxcube has been acquired by Yageo Corporation, one of the world’s most prominent suppliers of passive electronic parts.

Ferroxcube has been considered a leading supplier of ferrite components. It has manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and customer service centers around the world. 

Ferroxcube offers superior technologies and products for equipment manufacturers. In addition, Ferroxcube’s various power materials cover an unparalleled broad temperature area to suit every application.

Furthermore, Ferroxcube is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of ferrite components.

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