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Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. is an international brand for quartz crystal under Chip Sun Technology Co. Ltd. Both companies were founded in 1991 in Shenzen, China, and have already been in the electronic industry for around two decades. Chip Sun Technology introduced fronter as its brand “FT,” recognized in 2017 by the National High-Tech Enterprise. 



The specialization of Chip Sun Technology inspired Fronter’s products on DIP and SMD. The research & development, production, and marketing teams have been extended to focus on Quartz Crystal Electronic Components for Fronter Electronics. FT has been recognized to have the largest production bases of Piezoelectric Crystal Components in China. The company earned multiple ISO certifications, creating a trustworthy brand name for high-quality quartz to telecommunication electronics manufacturers and potential distributors across the globe. 


All FRONTER ELECTRONICS distributors have products that underwent thorough procedures followed by quality and control checks. Both companies possess special equipment, facilities, and factories as leading manufacturers. Their dedication has kept them successful with the help of their professional engineers and technical teams, which form a strong business foundation. These are enough to assure the market that their products and distributors are reliable, especially those looking for quality quartz crystals, the expertise of FT.

On top of FRONTER ELECTRONICS distributors’ quality of service, the company earned the trust & praise of their customers through continuous efforts and the provision of special assistance. 


Products of FRONTER ELECTRONICS Distributors

Some of FT’s primary product categories are (1) Quartz Crystal Resonators, (2) Quartz Crystal Oscillators, (3) Silicon Programmable Oscillators, (4) Quartz Crystal Filters, (5) Ceramic Resonators & Filters, and (6) SAW Resonators & Filters. In addition to the categories are different applications for cellular phones, digital cameras, personal computers, automotive, optical devices, and more!



To know more about FRONTER ELECTRONICS distributors and its products, you may follow this link. 

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