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Future Designs, Inc.

BD Electronics is your trusted partner in the supply of electronic components, even: hard to find electronic components; obsolete components; end of life or out of stock electronic components.

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About Future Designs, Inc.

Future Designs, Inc. is a complete service design and production company with hardware, software, mechanical, system-level expertise and a 25-year history of proven success.

The ELI™ and uEZ™ GUI Family of Touch Screen LCD GUI and HMI applications provide “Off The Shelf” solutions to quickly and cost-effectively enhance the User Interfaces.

The product line varies with LCD’s from 3.5” to 15.0”, resistive touch, and PCAP options. FDI can take your concept from scratch, through design and prototypes, to high volume production, branded with the desired logo, and shipped directly to your end customers.


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