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About General Cable

General Cable is a prominent brand of the Prysmian Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of cables and electrical solutions. General Cable has a long-standing history of 170 years and has earned a reliable reputation in the industry.

The brand offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cables, wires, and connectivity solutions for various sectors, including energy, telecommunications, industrial, and construction. General Cable products are known for their superior performance, reliability, and innovative designs, meeting customers’ ever-evolving needs worldwide.

General Cable’s commitment to excellence extends beyond product offerings. The brand emphasizes sustainable practices and environmental responsibility, incorporating eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to minimize its ecological footprint.

Backed by the vast expertise and global presence of the Prysmian Group, General Cable continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions, leveraging advanced technologies and industry insights. With its unwavering dedication to quality, reliability, and sustainability, General Cable remains a preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier cable solutions in today’s rapidly advancing world.

BD Electronics is a renowned General Cable distributor and a leading cable and electrical solutions industry brand. BD Electronics is a reliable partner that offers customers convenient access to an extensive selection of General Cable products. This guarantees businesses the appropriate cables, wires, and connectivity solutions for various requirements.


General Cable Products

General Cable ProductsGeneral Cable is a renowned industry leader known for its wide range of exceptional cable and wire solutions. General Cable has a strong dedication to innovation, quality, and dependability. As a result, their products are well-known for satisfying the varied requirements of different industries. General Cable offers comprehensive solutions for optimal performance and durability, whether for industrial applications, rail and transit systems, portable power requirements, or electronic installations. With a rich portfolio of industrial cable products, rail and transit cables, portable power cords, and electronic wire solutions, General Cable continues to provide reliable and efficient solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their respective fields.


General Cable Industrial Cables

General Cable Industrial CablesGeneral Cable offers a wide range of industrial cable products designed to meet various industrial applications’ demanding requirements. These cables are built to withstand harsh environments and ensure reliable power transmission and communication in industrial settings.


General Cable Rail and Transit Cables

General Cable Rail and Transit CablesGeneral Cable provides specialized cable solutions for the rail and transit industry. These cables are specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of transportation systems. They offer superior electrical performance, fire resistance, and mechanical strength, making them ideal for railway signaling, communication, and power distribution systems.


General Cable Portable, Temporary Power Cords and Cordsets

General Cable Portable, Temporary Power Cords and Cordsets

General Cable recognizes the importance of reliable power distribution in portable and temporary applications and thus offers a diverse range of power cords and cordsets specifically designed to meet these needs. These General Cable products are meticulously engineered to provide flexibility, durability, and ease of installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Whether for construction sites, outdoor events, temporary installations, or any situation requiring temporary power, General Cable’s power cords and cordsets deliver dependable power transmission.

These power cords and cordsets from General Cable are built to withstand rugged conditions, including exposure to outdoor elements, heavy usage, and demanding environments. Their robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity and resilience, reducing the risk of power interruptions or failures. Additionally, General Cable’s power cords and cordsets are designed with user safety in mind, incorporating features such as strain relief, grounding, and proper insulation to mitigate the risk of electrical hazards.


General Cable Electronic Wires and Cables

General Cable Electronic Wires and CablesGeneral Cable provides various electronic wire and cable solutions for multiple industries. These products are made to meet the exacting standards needed for electronic applications. They offer superior signal transmission, data integrity, and protection against electromagnetic interference. In addition, General Cable’s electronic wire and cable products provide reliable connectivity and optimal performance, from small-scale electronics to complex systems.


General Cable Product Applications

General Cable Product Applications
  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Telecoms
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Industries
  • Asset Monitoring Systems and Electronics


We Are a Distributor of General Cable Products

BD Electronics is a prominent distributor of General Cable products, establishing itself as a leading partner for businesses seeking reliable cable solutions. As a trusted distributor, BD Electronics provides customers convenient access to a diverse range of General Cable products, ensuring companies have the necessary cables, wires, and connectivity solutions to meet their needs. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, BD Electronics delivers exceptional service, timely product delivery, and competitive pricing. 

Our deep understanding of General Cable’s product portfolio and industry expertise position BD Electronics as the preferred choice for businesses seeking high-quality cable solutions. BD Electronics offers more than just cable distribution. We also provide obsolete electronic components to meet the various needs of their customers, expanding their support and services. With a solid commitment to excellence and a comprehensive product range, BD Electronics delivers outstanding solutions and support, enabling businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Click below to buy General Cable electronic components!



Q: What is General Cable?

A: General Cable is a prominent brand that operates as part of the Prysmian Group, a leading manufacturer and provider of cables and electrical solutions.

Q: What products does General Cable offer?

A: General Cable offers a comprehensive range of cable and wire solutions for various sectors, including industrial, energy, telecommunications, and construction. Their product portfolio includes industrial cables, rail and transit cables, portable power cords, and electronic wires.

Q: Who owns General Cable?

A: The Prysmian Group, a significant player in the cable industry, owns General Cable.

Q: What sets General Cable apart from other brands?

A: General Cable stands out due to its long history, over 170 years, and reputation for providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative cable solutions. Its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices also distinguishes the brand.

Q: Where can I find General Cable products?

A: General Cable products can be found through distributors, suppliers, and leading dealers worldwide. The Prysmian Group offers these products in many markets, making them widely available.

Q: Does General Cable offer support and technical assistance?

A: Yes, General Cable provides customers with comprehensive support and technical assistance. Their team of experts is available to offer guidance, answer inquiries, and provide solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Q: Is General Cable involved in sustainable practices?

A: Yes, General Cable, as part of the Prysmian Group, is committed to sustainable practices. The company focuses on incorporating eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability within the industry.

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