GeneSic Semiconductor

GeneSiC Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer in Silicon Carbide technology and also develops high-power Silicon technologies. The top global manufacturers of industrial and defense systems depend on

GeneSiC’s technology elevates its performance and efficiency. The main products are SiC-based rectifier, transistor, and thyristor products. 

In addition, GeneSiC Semiconductor plays a critical role in conserving energy in high power systems. GeneSiC’s technology allows efficiency in harvesting renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, GeneSiC electronic components ensure a cooler, faster, and more economical operation.

GeneSiC holds leading patents on comprehensive bandgap power device technologies. GeneSiC’s expertise in device design, fabrication, and testing enable it to produce top-quality SiC devices for its customers.

GeneSiC’s innovative and experienced engineers allow the brand to exceed the competition’s performance and price point. GeneSiC continually strives to promote its competitive Silicon products and invest in new Silicon Carbide product development.

There are various applications for these SiC products, including Protection, Input, Control Switching, and Output stages. GeneSiC’s goal is to break down roadblocks faced by its customers by offering highly efficient and groundbreaking solutions that deliver superior thermal performance, minimal losses, and compact performance.

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