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GLOBALTE is the world leader in off-grid power solutions technology and specializes in designing and manufacturing cost-effective high-reliability off-grid power solutions. 


This company has over 40 years of experience in the design and deployment of leading-edge Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) and has delivered and installed over 35,000 worldwide.


A Brief History of GLOBALTE


Thermoelectric technology was pioneered and developed for use in the 1975 NASA Apollo Space Program to provide a power source that would be ultra-robust and reliable for use on the moon’s surface. 


In the same year, a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs decided to buy this technology from NASA under the name of Global Power Technologies to develop this remarkable energy technology for commercial use and to make Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) a viable source of stable energy supply for off-grid business needs around the world. 


The success of this development enterprise meant that TEG technology rapidly became the industry standard for off-grid, remote and semi-remote, independent power supply domestically in North America and internationally across the globe. 


Uniquely placed within a high-density research and development field of study, Global Power Technologies has positioned itself as a world leader in an area where few others can compete at the same level. 

Today, GPT holds its leading position in this highly challenging, niche area of high continuity, industrial power supply technology. Since its beginning in 1975, they have successfully installed more than 25,000 off-grid, remote power systems in over 50 countries.   


Where is GLOBALTE Located?

Global Power Technologies is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is a publicly-traded company. 


What is TEG Technology?


Thermoelectric Generators are a time-proven technology that has been serving off-grid needs reliably for decades. The Gentherm of Global Power Technologies works by converting heat directly into electrical power without any need for moving parts. The elimination of these parts helps to make TEG technology one of the most stable and reliable regardless of the conditions under which they are operating. 


This technology, known as solid-state design, ensures that all GLOBALTE products will never let you down in whatever industry you specialize. Each Gentherm of Global Power Technologies is built to withstand extreme temperatures and all-weather conditions, ensuring that your facility stays alive even under the most challenging circumstances.


The Gentherm of Global Power Technologies (TEGs)


A Global Power Technologies TEG can be constructed to provide power anywhere from 5W to 500W. Furthermore, it can be configured according to a modular integrated plan to go beyond these levels with multi-TEG solutions geared to specific conditions. 


GLOBALTE TEGs are used in both high-risk, hazardous conditions and for more general use. 

The original TEGs were designed to provide the 1975 Apollo Space Program power. Since then, the technology has evolved through many generations to the state-of-the-art technology that GLOBALTE is famous for today. 


In addition to manufacturing this highly robust technology, GLOBALTE also provides one of the most reliable service agreements in the industry. Each TEG is designed to work independently in off-grid, remote environments with minimal but crucial and highly specialized annual maintenance that Globalte’s service technicians carry out. In addition, each TEG comes with a 20+ year life-cycle guarantee.


While GLOBALTE can undertake this maintenance, it is also possible for the client to carry this out for themselves with only minimal training from GLOBALTE technical staff.


TEGs, M-Series Generators, and Solar Power Integration


The M-Series prime power generator is a highly robust technology offered by a Global Power Technologies distributor. It is designed with continuous, uninterrupted, efficient energy supply in mind. Both TEGs and M-Series Generators integrate exceptionally well with solar power systems, creating a perfect off-grid, highly independent energy supply system.


While solar systems draw low-cost energy directly from the sun, their challenges include interruptions to daily sunlight, unexpected or seasonal shading, solar panels obstructed with debris, and disruptions caused by extreme temperatures. Integrating a solar power system with an M-Series generator or modular TEG technology will eliminate downtime and allow you to continue powering your project regardless of weather conditions or possible obstructions to the functioning of your solar panels. In addition, this combination makes a hybrid Global Power TEG or M-Series generator one of the most reliable power systems available today.


What Industries Does A Global Power Technologies Distributor Serve? 


TEG and M-Series Generators are used heavily by the oil and gas industry to guarantee energy supply in some of the world’s most challenging working environments. These include offshore oil and natural gas platforms, oil and gas pipeline facilities, wellhead installations, high requirement security and surveillance, village and town micro-grid solutions, and military and telecommunications infrastructures.


GLOBALTE Product Catalog 

Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) Natural Gas / Propane 

  • USA and Canada specific configurations
  • Hazardous Approved industry-specific equipment
  • Individual generators from 15W to 550W
  • Modular configurations up to 5kW
  • Integration with diesel and propane generator systems
  • Series Prime Power Generators
  • Reliable, uninterrupted powers supply from 500W to 5kW
  • Custom designs up to 35kW
  • Design specific solutions for the pipeline, telecoms, and instrument air 


Solar Hybrid

  • PV compatible TEG and M-Series Generator power solutions 
  • Combined solar remote photovoltaic systems with thermoelectric backup


Instrument Air Systems

  • Electric valve compatible TEG and M-Series Generator integration
  • EZ-Air compressed air solution for pneumatic valves



You may contact BD Electronics, a Global Power Technologies distributor in Europe, to know more about the different products and services.


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