About Grayhill Inc

Grayhill Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in their few standard products, creating customized products for their consumers based on those standard products. Impressively, this has been deemed a fantastic way to ensure each consumer is getting the product that suits their needs. Generally, Grayhill Inc. provides these products across the world, ensuring they are using their dependable standards and high-quality tech to find solutions individually.

Grayhill Inc. Products & Technologies

The products that Grayhill creates are created with expertise and efficiency. They include:

  • Touch Encoder
  • Rotary Switches and Mechanical Encoders
  • Optical/Hall Effect Encoders and Joysticks
  • CANbus Keypads, Joystick, and MMI
  • CANbus displays
  • Pushbuttons and Mechanical Joysticks
  • Keypads
  • DIP Switches
  • I/O Modules and Racks
  • Test Switches
  • Toggle, Rocker, Slide Switches
  • Knobs, Test Clips, and Posts

Grayhill Inc. Product Applications

The applications these products bring provide a simple solution for your dilemma. Here is a list of their applications:

  • Custom Healthcare Solutions
  • Custom Military Solutions
  • Custom Off-Highway Solutions
  • Tailored Standard Products
  • Value Added Assemblies

Grayhill Inc. Distributors

Find something you want from Grayhill Inc? Visit BD Electronics and search for Grayhill Inc to find all of their products. We will help you find the most budget-friendly solutions for you and help you get them to you. 

FAQ About Grayhill Inc.

Q1: Where to order Grayhill Inc products online?

A: You can find many Grayhill Inc products from BD Electronics and professional help with any questions you may have. 


Q2: What are the standard products of Grayhill Inc? 

A: Standard products of Grayhill Inc are optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks, and pushbuttons. 


Q3: Does Grayhill Inc provide customized solutions? 

A: Yes 


Q4: How many product categories do Grayhill, inc have? 

A: 12 product categories as of 2022

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