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Pennsylvania is where The Greenlee Brothers’ narrative begins. In their native Crawford County, Pennsylvania, father Edmund Greenlee invented a device for producing wood barrels. When the first oil well was discovered in western Pennsylvania in 1859, the demand for barrels to ship the oil in soared just as the ink on their father’s patents was beginning to dry. The identical twins successfully used their father’s machinery to produce wood barrels. With their father’s approval, the brothers relocated to Chicago, Illinois, in 1862, when Pennsylvania’s market for barrels began to decline to continue their wood barrel manufacturing business. They founded the Greenlee Brothers Company there.


Greenlee Communications Products and Technology 

  • Bending 
  • Cable pulling and fishing 
  • Cable preparation and termination 
  • Test and measurements 
  • Shearing 
  • Utility Hydraulic Tools 
  • Knockouts 
  • Power tools accessories 
  • General Purpose and safety tools 
  • Material handling and storage 


Greenlee Communications Product Applications 

  • Industrial applications 
  • Utility applications 
  • Tool repairing applications 
  • Machinery applications


Greenlee Communications Distributors

Greenlee Communications is a global leader in machinery products regarding wood production. Greenlee Communications relies on authorized distributors such as BD Electronics to get consumers their parts at the best prices possible.

BD Electronics is a worldwide distributor of Greenlee Communications products. Get a quote by visiting the website today!


FAQ Greenlee Communications 

Q1: What is Greenlee Communications? 

A: To address all phases of network deployment, Tempo Communications, Inc. (formerly known as the Greenlee Communications brand) offers a complete line of dependable, market-leading test and measurement solutions.  


Q2: Who bought Greenlee? 

A: Textron bought the business in 1986. In 1992, Greenlee acquired Fairmont Hydraulics, and in 1996, the German toolmaker Klauke. 


Q3: Is there any sort of warranty available for Greenlee? 

Reliable and supported by a lifetime limited warranty. 


Q4: Where to order Greenlee Communications products online?A: Buy Greenlee Communications products by getting in touch with BD Electronics, an authorized distributor of Greenlee Communications. You can order Greenlee Communications products in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your parts requirements and quantity — our team will take it from there.

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