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About H&D Wireless

H&D Wireless provides wireless solutions that are innovative and compact. H&D Wireless has a wide range of WLAN products suitable for multiple industries and applications. H&D Wireless’ WLAN devices provide top-notch data transmission, high speed, and cost-effective solutions. In short, H&D Wireless is a world leader in manufacturing and offering IoT devices, wireless devices, silicon designs, and cloud software solutions.


H&D Wireless Products & Technologies

Some of the most advanced H&D Wireless products are:


  • GEPS® Real Time Location System
  • Griffin IoT and Devices
  • Casat™ Manufacturing Execution System
  • Connectivity Modules


H&D Wireless Product Applications

H&D Wireless provides custom and centered solutions to various industries, including:


  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Design Services
  • Industrial IoT
  • Smart Home
  • Smart building
  • Interactive consumer services
  • Smart city
  • Healthcare


H&D Wireless Distributors


H&D Wireless distributor BD Electronics ships original H&D Wireless products worldwide. We have one of the fastest supply chain and transportation systems in place. Our electronic components supply is quick and reliable; thus, you can be assured that the products reached to you will be of the highest quality. For more information, give us a call now!


FAQ About H&D Wireless


Q1: Where is H&D Wireless’s headquarters?


A: H&D Wireless’s headquarters are at 33 Färögatan, Kista, Stockholm County, 164 51, Sweden.


Q2: What is H&D Wireless’s phone number?


A: H&D Wireless’s phone number is +46 855118460


Q3: What is H&D Wireless’s official website?


A: H&D Wireless’s official website is www.hd-wireless.com.


Q4: Where to order H&D Wireless products online?


A: H&D Wireless products can be easily ordered online through BD Electronics, one of the leading H&D Wireless distributors. Click here to request a free quote by filling in your parts and component requirements.



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