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HellermannTyton, a leading company in these fields, is a top producer and supplier of high-quality products for joining, insulating, labeling, securing, and identifying electrical wires and network connectivity solutions. Apart from that, they create cable management components following industry standards.


HellermannTyton’s goal is to create solutions that meet all cable management needs. To accomplish this, they fully ingratiate themselves with their customers, who are the primary source of inspiration for developing their product lines. With over 6,000 individuals working in 39 countries and 18 top-notch manufacturing sites, HellermannTyton provides first-rate service and assistance wherever their clients need it.


HellermannTyton, a global brand, is regarded as reliable by business experts worldwide. HellermannTyton products are of the finest quality and provide customers with an unmatched experience since they are inspired by the cable management requirements of their clients.


HellermannTyton Products & Technologies


HellermannTyton offers high-quality products for cable fixing, insulation, cable protection, and connecting components in a wide range to their customers.


The company offers products in the following categories;



Cable Ties and Fixings  

  • Cable Ties Inside Serrated 
  • Cable Ties Outside Serrated 
  • Cable Ties Without Serration 
  • Cable Ties, Releasable 
  • Cable Ties, Stainless Steel 
  • Cable Ties With Fixing Elements 
  • Cable Tie Mounts 
  • Fixing Elements 
  • Clips, Clamps, and Plugs 



  • Heat Shrink Tubing 
  • Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes 
  • Insulating tubes 

Cable Protection Systems  

  • Non-Metallic Conduit Systems 
  • Metallic Conduit Systems 
  • Spiral-Reinforced Conduit Systems 
  • Conduit System Accessories 
  • Protective Tubing and Spiral Binding 
  • Expandable Braided Sleeves 
  • Open Woven Sleeves 
  • Burst Protective Sleeves 
  • Electromagnetic Shielding Sleeves 
  • Edge Protection 
  • Grommets 
  • Wiring Ducts and Accessories 


Electrical Installation  

  • Wire Connectors 
  • Downlight Covers 
  • Cable Rods 
  • Electrical Tapes 
  • Cast Resin Technology 
  • Gel Technology 
  • Chemicals 
  • Cable Entry Systems 


Identification Systems  

  • Wire and Cable Markers 
  • Control Panel Labelling 
  • Industrial Identification 
  • RFID tags and cable ties 
  • Security Labeling 
  • Hazardous Area Identification 
  • Printers and Software 


Application Tooling 

  • Automatic Cable Tying System 
  • Application Tooling for Cable Ties 
  • Application Tooling for Snappers 
  • Application Tooling for Heat Shrinkable Tubing 
  • Application Tooling for Non-Shrinkable Tubing 
  • Application Tooling for Braided Sleeves 
  • Application Tooling for Identification 



  • RapidNet 
  • Patch Panels 
  • Data Outlets 
  • Fibre 
  • Cable 
  • Accessories 
  • iD 
  • UFC Closures 
  • FDN Closures 
  • FML Closures 
  • FRBU Closures 
  • FST Closures 
  • Connectorised Closures 
  • Copper Jointing Closures 
  • Enclosures 
  • Cablelok 
  • Splice Trays 
  • Broadband Accessories 


Safety Equipment 

  • EasyDoor 
  • Mask E-Guard 


HellermannTyton Product Applications

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of applications across several industries:


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture and construction
  • Chemical
  • Defense
  • Food
  • Rail
  • Solar and wind 
  • Truck and heavy equipment 
  • Wire processing


HellermannTyton Distributors

Products of HellermannTyton, such as cable ties and fixings, insulating tubes, safety equipment, and application tools, can be purchased through an authorized distributor. BD Electronics, an authorized distributor of HellermannTyton products, provides customers with HellermannTyton’s products at the best price.


In its capacity as a distributor of obsolete electronic components, BD Electronics focuses on locating difficult-to-find parts and supplying electronic components to customers worldwide. After receiving your part requests for electronic sourcing components, we will let you choose the target price.


FAQ About HellermannTyton

Q1: What is HellermannTyton’s industry?

A: HellermannTyton offers service in the Manufacturing and Wire & Cable industries.


Q2: Where is HellermannTyton’s tech stack?

A: HellermannTyton utilizes the following technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, Microsoft SharePoint, and Google AdSense.


Q3: What companies have HellermannTyton acquired?

A: Companies including Wind River, Wind River Systems, C&M Corporation, and Particle Design have been bought by HellermannTyton.


Q4: Where to order HellermannTyton cable ties without serration online?

A: Cable ties come in a wide variety at BD Electronics. To find your component requirements browse the product category section of the BD Electronics website.


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