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Henkel is a leading German manufacturer of chemical and consumer products with more than 140 years of experience.

As a well-respected company in electronic components manufacturing, Henkel offers numerous certified electronic products for many practical sectors, including aerospace, automotive, building, consumer, energy, industrial, oil, medical industries, and more.

Henkel is an industry-leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and specialty materials, offering a complete line of certified products in the industry.

Henkel Adhesive Electronics is a subsidiary of global electronic innovator at Henkel Corporation. Henkel focuses on developing next-generation materials for various industrial, consumer, handheld, wearables, display, and emerging electronics market sectors.

Henkel’s leading electronics brands are LOCTITE, Multicore (now sold under the LOCTITE brand), and Bergquist. These brands are renowned for being the trusted brands for printed circuit board assembly applications.

The brands possess a wide range of products, including surface mount adhesives, advanced flux chemistries, encapsulants, high-performance solder solutions, conductive adhesives, thermal management materials, as well as CSP underfills, and board protection materials. Henkel’s innovative formulations ensure maximum processability and reliable in-field performance. 

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