About Henrich Electronics Corporation

Founded in Connecticut, Henrich Electronics Corporation has been helping customers across the globe to manage their industrial automation systems with rugged and secured ethernet networking products in various industries, such as power utilities, transportation, oil and gas, factory automation, and remote monitoring. Working with world-leading suppliers, Henrich’s team focuses on designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing a full range of customized products and services. Always keeping up with the technology trend changes, we ensure that you work with a trusted partner for all your industrial ethernet products and services needs.


Henrich Electronics Corporation Products & Technologies


Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge
  •  HWRD300 Series (Industrial Wireless AP)
  •  HWRD301 Series (Industrial Wireless AP)
  •  HWRD600 Series (Industrial Wireless AP)
EN50155 Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • HEST12M Series (12-M12 port)
  • HEST12LM Series(12-M12 port)
  •  HEST10-8E-2G Series(10-M12 port)
  •  HEST10M-8E-2G Series(10-M12 port)
Layer-3 Ethernet Switches
  • MX6028GL Series (Layer-3 28G-port)
  • MX6028L Series (Layer-3 28-port)
  • MX6024GL Series (Layer-3 24G-port)
  • MX6012GLN Series (Din-Rail Layer-3 12G-port)
  • MX6008LN-4SFP Series (EN50155 4+4G-port)
  • MX6004LN Series (EN50155 4-port)
IEC61850-3 Ethernet Switches
  • MX6028-4G-20SFP Series (24+4G-port)
  • MX6026 Series (26-port)
  • MX6024 Series (24-port )
  • MX6018-2G Series (16+2G-port)
  • MX6026-2G Series (24+2G-port)
Rackmount Ethernet Switches
  • HES26MC-2G Series (24+2G-port)
  • HES18MC-2G Series (16+2G-port )
  • HES16MC/26MC Series (16/26-port)
  • HES16C/26C Series (Unmanaged 16/26-port)
Din-Rail Managed Ethernet Switches
  • HES12GM Series (12G-Port)
  • HES10GM Series (10G-Port)
  • HES8GM Series (8G-Port)
  • HES28M-4G Series (24+4G-port)
  • HES26M-2G Series (24+2G-port)
  • HES18M-2G Series (16+2G-port)
  • HES12M-4G Series (8+4G-port)
  • HES10M-2G Series (8+2G-port)
  • HES16M/24M Series (16/24-port)
  • HES5M/8M Series (5/8-port)
Din-Rail Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
  • HES16G Series (16G-port)
  • HES8G Series (8G-port)
  • HES5G Series (5G-port)
  • HES16/24 Series (16/24-port)
  • HES5B/8B Series (Entry-level 5/8-port)
Industrial PoE Switches
  • HES12GM-8E Series (12G-port)
  • HES10GM-8E Series (10G-port )
  • HES6GM-4E Series (6G-port)
  • HES6G-4E Series (Unmanaged 6G-port)
  • HES5A-4E Series (Unmanaged 5-port)
  • HEMC2G-E Series (Unmanaged 2G-port)
Ethernet/Fiber Media Converters
  • HEMC2G Series (2G-port)
  • HEMC3 Series (3-port)
  • HEMC2 Series (2-port)
SFP Modules
  • SFP-W Series(100M SFP Modules)
  • SFP-20-W Series(100M SFP Modules)
  • SFP-40-W Series(100M SFP Modules)
  • SFP-S35-W Series(100M SFP Modules)
  • SFP-S53-20-W Series(100M SFP Modules)
  • G-SFP-20-W Series(Gigabit SFP Modules)
  • G-SFP-40-W Series(Gigabit SFP Modules)
  • G-SFP-S35/S53-20-W(Gigabit SFP Modules)


Henrich Electronics Corporation Product Applications


  • Ethernet Switches
  • Network Management Software
  • Ethernet Media Converter
  • SPF Modules


Henrich Electronics Corporation Distributors


Henrich Electronics Corporation products, such as optoelectronics and networking solutions, are available worldwide at any Henrich Electronics Corporation distributor. BD Electronics is one such distributor and is a group dedicated to bringing quality Henrich Electronics Corporation products and services to clients in any part of the globe.


FAQ About Henrich Electronics Corporation


Q1: What is Henrich’s HES Series?

A: Henrich’s HES5B and HES8B are incredibly compact, all-copper 5-port and 8-port Ethernet switch for control cabinet applications where space is at a premium.


Q2: What is Henrich’s HEMC3?

A: Henrich’s HEMC3 are fiber-to-copper media converters offering an extra copper port to support two devices.


Q3: Is it possible to purchase Henrich Electronics Corporation products online?

A: Yes, it is possible, and with the help of BD Electronics, a group that specializes in locating and delivering the highest quality products in the market, consumers are assured of purchasing only the highest quality tech equipment and components.

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