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About I/O Interconnect

I/O Interconnect, a renowned manufacturer in the electronics industry, is known for designing, developing, and producing unique cable and connector assemblies across various platforms, including Fibre Channel, SCSI, Ultra SCSI, USB, IEEE 1284, and IEEE 1394. The company’s IOI Standard Products division delivers a wide array of electronic components and standard assemblies at highly competitive rates. I/O Interconnect sets itself apart by utilizing fully computerized molding processes linked with testing to ensure precision, reduced molding times, minimized waste, and excellent repeatable quality.

In addition to their expertise in cable and connector assemblies, I/O Interconnect has also demonstrated leadership in the design and development of flash media and digital media storage technologies, products, and components. They achieve this through a vertically integrated manufacturing process, allowing for seamless integration and exceptional performance.

To buy I/O Interconnect electronic components at competitive prices, consider partnering with BD Electronics. As a reliable distributor, BD Electronics offers a vast range of I/O Interconnect products to cater to your needs, ensuring quality and affordability at every step of the way.


I/O Interconnect Products and Technologies

I/O Interconnect Products and TechnologiesDocking stations, display docs, cables, desktop control units, and other high-end items are offered by I/O Interconnect. Listed below are the main I/O Interconnect product categories:


I/O Interconnect Docking Stations

I/O Interconnect Docking Stations

The I/O Interconnect Docking Station is a sophisticated and versatile electronic component designed to accommodate multiple connectivity options. This specific product features an array of ports, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices. The Docking Station offers high-speed data transfer and supports simultaneous charging and syncing capabilities. Designed for both professional and personal use, this I/O Interconnect product simplifies workspace organization and enhances productivity.

For those interested in purchasing I/O Interconnect electronic components, BD Electronics offers a comprehensive selection, including the Docking Station. Trust BD Electronics as your go-to distributor for reliable, high-quality I/O Interconnect products at competitive prices.


I/O Interconnect DisplayLink Docs

I/O Interconnect DisplayLink DocsDisplayLink Docs, a specialized I/O Interconnect product, offers advanced connectivity for seamless display management. This electronic component enables high-quality video transmission over USB, providing multi-monitor support with minimal latency. DisplayLink Docs boasts features like plug-and-play functionality, compatibility with multiple operating systems, and scalability for various display configurations. Ideal for both professional and personal use, this I/O Interconnect component enhances productivity and user experience through its versatile capabilities. For purchasing I/O Interconnect electronic components, including DisplayLink Docs, consider BD Electronics as your trusted partner in acquiring reliable and competitively priced products.


I/O Interconnect Thunderbolt 3 Options

I/O Interconnect Thunderbolt 3 OptionsI/O Interconnect’s Thunderbolt 3 product line comprises high-performance cable assemblies designed for fast data transfer, video output, and charging capabilities. These cables support data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, 5K or dual 4K displays at 60 Hz, and provide up to 100W of power delivery. The Thunderbolt 3 cables use a USB-C connector for increased compatibility with multiple devices. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts seeking enhanced productivity, these I/O Interconnect electronic components deliver reliability and high-quality performance. To buy I/O Interconnect electronic components, including their Thunderbolt 3 cables, consider BD Electronics as your trusted distributor.


I/O Interconnect 2K USB C Dual Display

I/O Interconnect 2K USB C Dual DisplayThe 2K USB-C Dual Display by I/O Interconnect is an advanced electronic component designed for seamless connectivity and enhanced visual performance. This product supports dual 2K displays at 60Hz, ensuring high-resolution output for various applications. Its innovative USB-C interface offers optimal data transfer speeds and device compatibility. The 2K USB-C Dual Display is ideal for multitaskers, creative professionals, and gamers who require high-quality visual experiences. To buy I/O Interconnect electronic components, including the 2K USB-C Dual Display, choose BD Electronics as your trusted supplier for authentic I/O Interconnect products.


I/O Interconnect DP to DP

I/O Interconnect DP to DPThe I/O Interconnect DP to DP cable is a high-quality DisplayPort cable designed to deliver optimal video and audio performance. Featuring 28 AWG conductors and gold-plated connectors, this specific product ensures minimal signal loss and maximum conductivity. The cable is built to support high-resolution displays (up to 8K) and provides a stable, high-speed connection for an enhanced user experience. Ideal for various applications, including gaming, multimedia, and professional environments, the DP to DP cable is a reliable choice for your connectivity needs. To buy I/O Interconnect electronic components, consider BD Electronics, a trusted distributor offering a wide range of I/O Interconnect products.


I/O Interconnect DP to HDMI

I/O Interconnect DP to HDMIThe I/O Interconnect DP to HDMI product is a high-quality adapter cable designed to connect DisplayPort (DP) equipped devices to HDMI displays, enabling audio and video transmission with optimal clarity. This specific I/O Interconnect electronic component supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, providing seamless compatibility and high-definition output. The cable features gold-plated connectors to ensure excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, while its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Ideal for both professional and personal applications, this adapter simplifies the process of connecting different devices for multimedia sharing. For the best deals on I/O Interconnect products, consider BD Electronics as your reliable source for purchasing I/O Interconnect electronic components.


I/O Interconnect Desktop Control Unit

I/O Interconnect Desktop Control UnitThe I/O Interconnect Desktop Control Unit is a highly specialized product designed for seamless integration with various peripherals. This control unit boasts features such as multiple USB ports, audio jacks, and an Ethernet connector, catering to diverse connectivity requirements. The Desktop Control Unit’s durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while its compact design allows for easy installation and use. Ideal for office and home environments, this I/O Interconnect electronic component enhances user experience with its efficient design and advanced technology. To buy I/O Interconnect electronic components, including the Desktop Control Unit, consider sourcing from BD Electronics, a reliable distributor offering competitive prices and quality products.


I/O Interconnect Product Applications

I/O Interconnect Product Applications

The I/O Interconnect products are available for usage by clients in the following sectors, to name:

  •     Supply Chain
  •     E-commerce
  •     Warehouse Management
  •     Process Control
  •     Data Acquisition
  •     Digital media storage
  •     Electronics
  •     Industrial


We Are Distributor of I/O Interconnect Products

I/O Interconnect products, such as desktop control units, cables, docking stations, and display docks, are readily available through trusted distributors worldwide. As a global I/O Interconnect electronic components distributor, BD Electronics offers high-performance products at the best prices. 

BD Electronics prides itself on its extensive knowledge and expertise in sourcing outdated electrical components, making it a reliable supporter of your electronic needs. Simply place an order for parts, and we’ll provide you with the option to choose a price range, ensuring you receive quality components that meet your budget.



Q1: Is HDMI better than DVI?

A: Yes, HDMI offers superior performance, color depth, speed, and refresh rates, making it the better choice for gaming and TV or monitor hookups.

Q2: What’s the difference between VGA and DVI?

A: DVI supports both analog and digital signals, while VGA only supports analog signals. DVI provides better visual quality and sharper images compared to VGA.

Q3: What does a DVI port look like?

A: A DVI connector is typically white and has different pin arrangements based on the type used on a graphics card.

Q4: Where can I buy I/O Interconnect electronic components online?

A: BD Electronics offers a range of I/O Interconnect electronic components. Browse the product categories on the BD Electronics website to find the components you need.

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