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About Insight SiP

Founded in 2005, Insight SiP is a fabless RF system-in-package (SiP) company that provides turnkey design services and creative packaging solutions.

Insight SiP makes complex RF systems easy to integrate with any existing or future portable application. As a result, it reduces its customers’ product development cycle and accelerates its product’s release-to-market.

Insight SiP Products & Technologies

Insight SiP serves the market with turnkey design services and creative packaging solutions for clients needing highly integrated systems to meet portable and wireless device space requirements.

Insight SiP also provides ready-to-use RF modules for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. 

The company offers products in the following categories:

  • Short Range Modules
  • Wide Area Network Modules
  • Positioning Modules
  • Custom Modules

Insight SiP Product Applications

Insight SiP products provide a wide range of applications across an array of industries:

  • Industrial
  • SMART Devices
  • SMART Secure
  • Wellness

Insight SiP Distributors

Authorized Insight SiP distributors provide Bluetooth Low Energy Modules, LPWAN Low Power Wide Area Network Modules, and other cutting-edge items worldwide. Additionally, BD Electronics offers excellent prices on high-performance Insight SiP components.

BD Electronics Ltd is a worldwide distributor of obsolete electrical components focusing on locating difficult-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.

FAQs About Insight SiP

Q1: What is a SiP?

A: According to Insight SiP’s website, SiP is defined as a system with the physical form and dimensions of a semiconductor package, including surface mount passive components, one or more semiconductor die, and buried functionality within the substrate of the package.

Q2: Why should I go for a SiP?

A: The decision to design and implement a SiP solution is mainly motivated by cost, but the choice of SiP or SoC for any given system will depend on multiple parameters, such as time-to-market, expected production volumes, development costs, required product flexibility, functional specifications, and tradeoffs between digital and RF semiconductor technologies.

Q3: Why choose Insight SiP as an experienced professional?

A: SiP production requires an inter-working between semiconductor, packaging, and PCB design concepts. Therefore, SiP design has to be implemented by experts using suitable methodology and techniques. 

Insight SiP argues that these design experts must be advanced enough to deliver the high-performance SiP modules requested by the latest wireless portable consumer device manufacturers.

Q4: Where to order Insight SiP Built-in Antennas UWB & BLE Modules online?

A: On the BD Electronics website, you can order Insight SiP products, such as Built-in Antennas UWB & BLE modules. You only need to send in your part requirements and the amount you need, which will shortly be catered to you by our team.


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