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About Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (or ISSI) is a leading technology manufacturer in integrated circuits. The Company designs and produces these specific electronic components to support various markets, including automotive, communications, digital consumer, and industrial and medical. Some of the most popular products are high-speed, low-power SRAM, and low/medium density DRAM. NOR flash products, high-performance analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits are also top products from ISSI. They target high-growth markets with cost-effective, high-quality semiconductor products and seek to build long-term relationships with our customers. They have been a committed long-term memory product supplier, including lower density and smaller volume products, even through periods of tight manufacturing capacity.

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets integrated circuits (ICs) for markets, including automotive, communications, industrial, medical and military, and digital consumer. The Company’s primary products are low and medium density dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in both package and Known Good Die (KGD) form and high speed and low power static random access memory (SRAM). In the fiscal year 2011 that ended September 30, approximately 92% of its revenue came from the DRAM and SRAM products. Its customers include Continental, Delphi, and Panasonic in automotive electronics; Cisco, Ericsson, and Huawei Technologies in communications; Honeywell, Schneider, and Siemens in the industrial, military, and medical applications; and Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba in digital consumer electronics.


ISSI also designs and markets EEPROM and Smartcards, and ISSI is developing selected non-memory products focused on its key markets. ISSI targets high-growth markets with its low-cost, high-quality semiconductor products and seeks to build long-term relationships with its customers. ISSI has maintained a long-term commitment to supplying memory products, including lower density and smaller volume products, through scarcity periods of tight manufacturing capacity.

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